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When the summer is coming, some of us love diving on a pool. Others are just too afraid to submerge in the water. Interestingly, dogs behave the same way too! In fact, they can react in 2 ways when ushered to a kiddie pool.

Dogs who love kiddie pools

They would run around the pool as if wanting to play with the running water. They will never think twice to dive in, attempting to catch the running water like catching their favorite ball. Unfortunately, they don’t know the different phases of matter and this intensifies their curiosity when they can’t bite the flowing water as they often do with their toys. Eventually, they will end up soaking wet feeling exhausted for running around.

Dogs who don’t love kiddie pools

You can obviously see if your dog hates to be in the pool when it tries to escape by jumping over it as soon as it has the chance to do so. In fact, it can only get into the water if you lift it over. Others just don’t want to be in the water even if you lure it with their favorite toys or some yummy treats.

Well, you can’t really tell if your dog will love kiddie pools unless you put him in a place that has this fixture. Just make sure you do not force your dog to get into the water if he’s too afraid to do so, otherwise he will be traumatized with such experience, making it even harder to convince him to get into kiddie pools again.

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