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Dog Food Coupons

All About Coupons for Dog Food

I finally got the printable Wellness dog food coupons yesterday. As usual, I got 4 coupons from Wellness. But only two of them are available for me. Because two of them are used in U.S. and another two are used in Canada. With the wellness dry dog food coupons and canned dog food coupons, I can totally save $4.00 at all. Both of my dog and I deeply appreciate Wellness food and their printable coupons. If you have a dog, you will understand how important a healthy food is for dogs. I can not image how my dog would suffer from a low quality, poor nutritional dog food.

How does Wellness help me and my dog?

The reason I choose Wellness because they provide one premium dog food, which is grain free and designed based on the raw feeding rules. Wellness Core provides turkey, chicken, or whitefish meal as their first gradient. At the mean time, their food also blend with fresh vegetables and fruits to provide a nutrient rich dog diet. As a premium dog food in Wellness dog food serial line, Wellness Core is not cheap. A normal dry dog food which is about 30 lb. will cost a dog owner round $30.00. The wellness core, grain free dry dog food for adult dogs, which is 26 lb, is priced at $59.99. I can not say that the most expensive food is the best. But I believe that one high quality dog food must be in a expensive price. I have to say that Wellness is very kind for our dog owners. They provide good dog food. Meanwhile, they also give out printable dog food coupons to help us reduce the cost. I can not find any reasons to switch to another dog food brands. I just know my dog loves Wellness. And he is also happy and healthy all the time.

What happened on Wellness dog food coupons February

I have many friends they also feed their dogs Wellness dog food. But some of them told me that they can not find Wellness coupons easily from last month. And many readers of mine also ask Wellness coupons for dog food by leaving the reply in the last two month. I finally remember that I got an email from Well Pet in February 2012. They said they will change their coupons distribution way and I just notice they will print my name in their printable dog food coupons.


Different from the former way, wellness will not give out the dog food coupons in PDF format, which means we can not print them as many as we want. And that also means I cannot share my wellness coupons with other dog lovers any more. Instead of PDF coupons, now they just provide a link which will bring us to the coupons printable page. In the new page, we can find a terms of usage:

*Coupon is uniquely coded and may only be used once. Please check to make sure your printer is turned on and has paper and ink/toner before attempting to print. You will be able to access the coupon only once. Offer is for a limited time only.

They emphasize that we can access the coupon only once. I think that means we can only get one coupon a time. And if we try to print for second time, we will get a message:

We’re sorry, but this offer has exceeded the maximum number of prints.

Their new way prevent me from sharing coupons with friends, it also prevents many dog from enjoying the Wellness premium dog food. I think it is the right time to share my experience on how to get Wellness printable coupons from Well Pet. In next post, I will give a step by step guide on how to get a stable source of coupons for Wellness dog food.

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