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Dog Food Coupons

All About Coupons for Dog Food

There is a special offer for Wellness dry dog food. You can get a $5.00 printable Wellness dry dog food coupon when you join Naturally Well Pet Club. The coupon will expire after 2012 April 20. And it covers all the Wellness dry dog food, including Complete Health Super5Mix, grain free Wellness Core, and Wellness Simple Food Solutions. Why do we call it as a special offer? If you are Wellness customer, you will know that Wellness usually only gives out $3.00 printable coupons for dry dog food products and $1.00 printable coupons for canned dog food products. Compare with these monthly coupons, this $5.00 coupon is very special and it will give us a big discount to purchase any Wellness dry dog food with any size. What we need to do is just go to the Facebook page and join Well Pet club. If you are Well Pet member already, don’t worry. I will tell you how to get the coupons for your dog.

Prepare the Email Account For Printable Coupons Link

To get this special Wellness printable coupon, you must have an email account. And you need to make sure you never used it to register any other Wellness membership before. Otherwise, it will be failed. Again, the email address must be fresh new and valid. Why this email address is so important is that Wellness will send the notification email after you finish the registration. And the coupon printing link is inside.


I am pretty sure that some of us are Wellness members already. So we can not use our daily email address to register. But we can register a new email account before we go through the Well Pet Club registration progress. Even though this way is a little bit complicated, but it is acceptable for $5.00 printable coupons.

Register through Facebook Page

wellness coupons preview

Wellness Coupons Last Screen Preview

When you get your email account ready, you can go to the Wellness Facebook Page and click the “Join Today & Get a $5.00 Coupon” button. And it will redirect you to a special Wellness community page, which has a big headline “Join Today & Get a $5.00 Wellness Coupon”. For this step, you just be careful because there is another registration page which looks almost the same, but it will not give your any coupons after you finish the registration. After you submit the registration form with your valid email address, Wellness will send you the confirmation email immediately. And there is a “GET YOUR COUPON” link in the middle of the email. Before you click this link, please make sure that your printer is connected to your computer and turned on. You must remember, this coupon can be printed only once. So I suggest you make a print test before you print the coupons.

Get the Special Coupon Registration Link

$5.00 Wellness Dry Dog Food Coupon 2012 April Sample

$5.00 Wellness Dry Dog Food Coupon 2012 April Sample

This special coupon given out event is hosted on Facebook page. I think it will not stay there too long. To get the registration link, please access “$5.00 Special Printable Wellness Dog Food COupons 2012 April” paragraph in my Wellness dog food coupons page.

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5 Responses to “Wellness Special Offer, $5.00 Dry Dog Food Coupons”

  1. steve graber says:

    applied for the $5 off coupon on 4/20/12 but it expired on 4/20/12!!!!!!

  2. steve graber says:

    sorry-i applied on 4/25/12 but the couppon expired 4/20/12

  3. Dog Food Coupons says:

    This coupons already expired. But as you become a Wellpet member, you will have a chance to get Wellness dog food coupons every month.

  4. steve graber says:

    cant find wellness dry coupons anymore. the site says im registered, but havent gotten coupon in months.

    • James says:

      Hi, I got the November coupons at end of this October. I think the December coupons are coming soon. BTW, do you check your spam email? Sometimes, the coupons email will be put in spam

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