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Do you know that dogs can have allergies too, such as allergies in dogs eye, allergies in dogs ear, or allergies in dogs skin? This is when their immune system reacts on substances that it perceives to be dangerous. Though these are common everyday substances and may be harmless to other canines, your dog’s system may overreact to it and show allergic symptoms once they ingest, inhale or come in contact with these substances. It’s respiratory and digestive system may react in its effort to do away with these allergens. Hence, your dog may experience vomiting, sneezing, diarrhea and snoring. Allergic symptoms may also appear on your dog’s other systems. Allergies in dogs skin, for example, its skin may become itchy so it becomes moist, red and scabbed. Your canine will be scratching more often than normal. Its ears become itchy too and ear infection may develop if there are allergies in dogs ear. It will have runny eyes, swollen paws and will lick a lot. Symptoms may even get worse causing hair loss due to skin infections. Its skin may develop crusts and scabs too.

Meanwhile, there are dog breeds that are prone to allergic reactions. Among these are the Retrievers, Terriers, Bulldogs, Pugs and Settlers. Dogs commonly get allergies from weed pollen, grass, trees, or dust. It can also be triggered by feathers, food additives, cigarette smoke, drugs, scents, fleas, fabrics, cleaning products, shampoo, plastic and rubber materials. It can also be so daunting to track the allergens too. However, if the allergic substance comes from its diet, symptoms will often be digestive problems. And eliminating fats and protein on your dog’s diet may help.

If you notice your dog to have allergies, it is best to visit a veterinarian. You will need an expert help to identify the specific substance that causes allergies to your dog. Blood tests may be done and certain foods may be removed from your dog’s diet to get rid of the allergic symptoms. After all, the best way to treat your dog’s allergic symptoms is to remove the allergens that are causing all these unfavorable reactions.

Allergies in Dogs Eye

If your dog keeps on pawing its eye, watch closely and observe for signs of itchy eyes. You can never under-estimate what an allergic reaction can do to your furry friend. Symptoms can progress so quickly that you have to intervene promptly before they get worse. This may be one symptom of eye allergy. It could be triggered the following precipitating factors:

  • Dust
  • Pollens
  • Mildew
  • Mold Spores

There is no distinguishable mark for a dog’s eye allergy except from having a teary eye, pawing and squinting. Obviously, a teary eyed dog does not mean it is crying. It simply denotes presence of inflammation on its conjunctiva. You can’t be too complacent about these symptoms too since they can even be worse than you think they are. The same symptoms may signify a corneal ulcer, debris stuck on your dog’s eye or even a systemic illness. Hence, the best thing to do is to consult your dog’s vet. Though its doctor may prescribe antihistamine or anti-inflammatory drugs to manage symptoms, the best way to prevent allergic recurrence is to identify what causes the allergy and avoid it.

An irrigating eye solution can help reduce irritation and prevent tear stains. Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Liquid for Dogs is very beneficial in fighting eye infections caused by dust in the air. If your dogs feel very uncomfortable in their eyes, you may use this to release the pain before you take them to the vet. But remember that don’t use it within 24 hours before you see the vet in order to make an accurate assessment.


Allergies in Dogs Ear

Ear infections in dog are often related to existing allergies of their ears. Hence, symptoms for both of these are similar. They can be scratching or rubbing on ears as well as frequent shaking of head. A foul odor coming from the ear means worsening condition. This is often coupled with swelling and redness. Causes of ear infection include:

  • Ear Mites
  • Yeast
  • Bacteria

Allergies in dogs’ ears can be managed by cleaning it gently with a cotton ball and a mild solution. This has to be repeated several times in one day to ensure cleanliness of the area. Your dog’s veterinarian may also prescribe drops and ointment to manage symptoms. However, the best way to manage ear infection is to do all things to avoid this from happening. And this is by preventing contact with allergens causing the illness.

Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution can efficiently help your dogs clean their ears. This will reduce the risk of allergies in dog ears. It’s also hydrocortisone free, which makes it very safe to use for your dogs.


Allergies in Dogs Skin or Stomach

If your dogs have food allergies or skin allergies, it is highly possible because of your dog diet. Lots of dogs have sensitive stomachs which mean they could get allergies from their food. If you don’t want to take the risk, you’d better to choose some sensitive dog food which will help your dogs digest easily.

The Best 5 Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach and Skin Allergies

Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin
Hill Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin dry dog food carefully chooses the ingredients to get rid of food additives and ingredients that cause stomach upset. The Vitamin E Supplement in the dog food contributes to your dog’s healthy skin and glossy coat.

Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Dog Food Lamb & Rice Recipe
It is made with limited ingredients to get rid of food allergens which can trigger your dog’s allergies. The Sunflower Oil in this dog food can provide rich fatty acids which support healthy coat and skin.

Naturediet Adult Sensitive Dog Food
65% of Naturediet Adult Sensitive Dog Food ingredients are salmon. It is full of high quality protein and it’s gluten free so it wouldn’t upset your dog’s stomach.

Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon Potato Dry Dog Food (Grain Free)
Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet are totally grain free, which will reduce the risk to cause your dogs stomach allergies. Salmon and salmon meal provide the best quality protein to your dogs. Flaxseed in the dog food provides rich Omega 3 fatty acids which helps your dogs skin and coat healthy.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Grain Free Salmon & Potato Recipe
Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Grain Free Salmon & Potato Recipe is 100% grain free to avoid stomach upset. It uses deboned salmon as its protein sources which helps build up your dog’s muscles. To make it easy to digest, this dog food uses potato as the source of carbohydrate.

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