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Dog Food Coupons

All About Coupons for Dog Food

Wellness is a renowned dog food manufacturer and they are driven by their belief that there are certain substances that need to stay outside the dog’s body. And the importance of keeping them away from your dog’s system is as necessary as choosing the right kinds of foods that you can allow to go inside your pet’s body. This company believes that the complexities in dog food manufacturing poses hazard to the dog’s health. Hence, they do things in the most simple and natural manner.

Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Keep Your Dogs Away From Allergies

  • It’s free from any food allergens in dogs
  • Its main ingredient is salmon and the rest are handpicked to make sure that nothing will trigger allergies to your pet. Certain substances like grains, wheat or gluten can also cause allergies. And you can be assured that none of these are found in Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient dog food.

  • It’s good for your digestive system
  • It comes with probiotics for easy digestion. We know that probiotics prevents growth of harmful bacteria in your dog’s GIT. Some of its strains are known to relieve irritable bowel, diarrhea and inflammation of the intestines. It can also prevent UTI and very famous for its anti-allergic effects.

  • It improves your pet’s aesthetic look
  • Your dog’s skin will be healthy, thanks to its Flaxseed content which is the excellent source of fatty acid omega 3. Abundant of fatty acid will help to keep you dogs skin healthy!

  • It has no fillers or artificial additives
  • Most of all, it is not just nutritious but its ingredients are all natural as well. There are many reasons why this food is good for your dogs.

Dog Food Ingredients to Avoid Dog Allergies

Buy Wellness Grain Free Dog Food Cheaper on Amazon

Wellness sticks to their plan to use one source of protein and carbohydrates that can be digested easily by your dog’s gastrointestinal system. And they don’t use additives or fillers to their products even though these promises increase profitability on their part. Wellness believes that the key to having a healthy dog is to feed this with a healthy diet. Using simple ingredients will favor your dog inside out. The company does not use soy, corn, artificial preservatives, wheat, flavors and food colorings. After all, natural nutrition is something that is incomparable when it comes to its nutritive value.
This is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This also boosts the health of your dog’s coat and skin. Most of all, this is a good source of fiber, improving your dog’s digestion.

Salmon and Salmon Meal
This is a good source of protein especially for dogs with sensitive stomach and cannot tolerate meat protein.

Dried Ground Potatoes and Peas
Under normal habitat, canines do not just hunt for meat but search for veggies that they can prey. Hence, adding potatoes and peas allows you to meet this part of their needs. Potatoes serve as a good source of iron for your dog too.

Vitamin E Supplement Chicory Root Extract
This helps in the improvement in the texture of your dog’s coat and skin. It boosts their immune system and reduces the level of cholesterol in their system. This is also best for dog with arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory effect. This is even given to dogs with cardiac problems since it is known to help in the development of heart muscles.

Natural Fish Flavor
This makes the food savory for dogs. Hence, you can be assured that will consume all its meal. This will be good for your pet and favorable on your pocket too.

Best Food for Hypersensitive Dogs

This is best for dogs that cannot tolerate standard dog foods. They are those that have food allergies or sensitive to certain food products. If you opt for dog foods that will make your pet want more, Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon Potato Dry Dog Food is the best type of dog food that you can give. After all, you can always pamper your pet through its meal without compromising its health at the same time.

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