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Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Food Lamb & Rice Recipe is good for dogs with limited diet options. It is made up of the finest dog food ingredients coming from Australia and New Zealand; the lamb meat and whole brown rice. These are blended with minerals, vitamins and natural ingredients that are good for your dog’s health. Nutro Limited is confident on the quality of its product. In fact, it offers money back guarantee for this type of dog food!

How Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Benefits for Your Dogs

  • It is made with limited ingredients
  • This does not mean limited in nutrition but limited in food allergens that can trigger your dog’s allergies. And if you don’t want a sickly dog, boost its immune system by feeding this food.

  • Has antioxidant effects
  • It is made of handpicked ingredients blended together to boost your pet’s immune system as it works towards getting rid of free radicals from your dog’s system.

  • Improves your dog’s joints
  • It also has the natural sources of chondroitin and glucosamine which helps boost the health of your dog’s joints

  • Ensures proper metabolism
  • This is rich in nutrients ensuring proper metabolism on your pet.

Ingredients of Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Dog Food Lamb & Rice Recipe

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Its ingredients are blended well in their correct quantity to optimize your pet’s health. Below are examples of the health benefits it offers:
Lamb, Lamb Meal
This is less antigenic than beef protein, making it a good source of protein to meet your dog’s dietary needs. Hence, this is best for dogs that can’t tolerate other types of protein.

Whole Grain Oat Meal
This aids in proper digestion, preventing stomach upset and other GIT related symptoms. This is low in calorie and makes the food tasty for your pet. But more than that, it lowers down your canine’s blood pressure, improves its immune system, prevents clogging of arteries, gluten free and high in protein and fiber.

Whole Brown Rice
This is a good source of fiber, manganese and selenium. Its anti-oxidant effects will also boost your dog’s immune system. This is good for overweight dogs that need to curve down its calories and stabilize your dog’s blood sugar.

Sunflower Oil
Its selenium content has anti-carcinogenic effect. It has calcium and copper that build your dog’s bone structures. Its Vitamin E also helps soothe pain due to inflammatory effects of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. This also improves the texture of your dog’s skin and coat. And, yes, this is loaded with anti-oxidants which boost your dog’s immune system.

Best Food for Food Sensitivities and Digestive Problems

Food allergies can result to myriads of bodily symptom and the most common ones are gastrointestinal problems. If this is the case of your dog then Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Dog Food Lamb & Rice Recipe is your dog’s best option. After all, makers of this meal ensure that it has limited ingredients to do away with your pet’s allergic reactions. This also means one thing too. It allows you to enjoy your moment with your pet since you are able to manage its food sensitivities well. And this can only be possible if you choose the right kind of dog food.

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