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Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Grain Free Salmon & Potato recipe will make sure that your dog has a healthy immune system, receives all his life stage requirements and has a healthy oxidative balance. It contains minerals, vitamins and antioxidants handpicked by animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians to improve the health of your dog. And as we know it, heating depletes or even removes the vitamins we normally get from fresh food sources. Hence, Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient is prepared with the least amount of heat possible to retain the potency of its ingredients.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Dog Food Benefits for Your Dog

As with other Blue Buffalo products, this type of dog food was made with one thing in mind and that is to ensure that your dog will always be healthy. After all, this is the main reason why it is very crucial to select the right kind of dog food for your canine, right? Here are some of the reasons why this food is perfect for your beloved pet.

It uses high quality protein sources which helps build up your dog’s muscles. We know that protein is the building block in animal nutrition and one of the most important ingredients in any dog food. Why? Because of its amino acid contents that are needed for the dog’s development and growth. This also plays an integral part in the dog’s immune system. And as with carbohydrates, it can be stored as a reserved energy source in the form of fats. Blue Buffalo Basics uses deboned salmon and salmon meal. These are known as high quality sources of protein. We know that amino acid deficiency can lead to many health issues and obviously, you don’t want your dog to have this.

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This type of dog food sustains your canine’s energy requirements too. This is essential for dogs that want to play around and stay active the entire day. Blue Buffalo Limited Ingredient’s carbohydrates content will ensure that it meets this part of your dog’s need.

The right amount of Phosphorus, Calcium and essential vitamins found in this type of dog food helps build up strong teeth and bones for your furry friends as well. Hence, you can be assured that your canine will have the right balance and healthy skeletal system all the time.

Blue Buffalo Basics Dog Food Ingredients

Blue Buffalo Basics takes pride on its ingredients used. It uses deboned salmon as its protein sources. This is not just known as high quality sources of amino acids but it is very tasty for canines too. To prevent hypersensitive food reactions, it is made of 100% grain free. To avoid stomach upset, it uses easily digestible sources of carbohydrate such as potatoes. To maintain its topnotch quality, Blue Buffalo makes sure that it does not contain chicken and any by-product meals. Furthermore, additional protection is offered for dogs with sensitive stomach since it contains no wheat, corn, dairy, soy or egg contents as well. After all, knowing what is not found in your dog’s meal is equally important as knowing what its ingredients are. All these information are important to ensure your dog’s good health.

Best Grain Free Dog Food For Dog Allergies

This food is a salmon recipe guaranteed to be grain-free. This is specifically made for dogs that have sensitive stomachs. That is why its ingredients are carefully selected and limited to only those that do not trigger hypersensitive reactions to avoid occurrence of food allergies. However, this is packed with nutritive value making dogs healthy as well. Remember, it doesn’t follow that dogs with allergies need to be undernourished too because of their very limited food selections. You can always pick a dog food brand that understands the nutritional needs of hypersensitive dogs and this is no other than the Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredients.

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