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All About Coupons for Dog Food

As a dog owner, you need to be sensitive to your dogs’ needs. Changes in their behavior or routine may mean that they are experiencing something that may need special attention. For instance, if your dog is experiencing incontinence or difficulty in urinating or licking around the urinary opening, chances are your dog has bladder problems.

Bladder problems may be caused by several things. One is the formation of bladder stones and crystals in the bladder. It may also be a result of bacterial infection. The consumption of foods high in protein and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and magnesium is also linked to common bladder problems. And there are dogs born with the difficulty to metabolize certain proteins and are therefore more prone to formation of bladder stones and crystals. Chances are, your veterinarian will prescribe that you shift to a diet that will not aggravate your pet’s precondition. In this case, you should shift to Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine Non-Struvite Urinary Tract Health Dog Food.

Benefits of Shifting to Prescription Diet Foods

This type of dog food is especially developed for dogs with bladder issues caused by uroliths (i.e., struvite, ammonium urate, calcium oxylate, cystine) and crystals. It is also recommended for dogs already in the advanced stages of renal disease. It is formulated to provide dogs with the following benefits:

  • Reduced risk of bladder stones and crystals formation.
  • Dog foods that are high in protein and calcium are not good for dogs with bladder problems. This dog food contains reduced amounts of fat, phosphorus, sodium, calcium and other nutrients that cause bladder stones and crystals.

  • Stronger heart.
  • Heart diseases have become common for dogs that do not indulge in regular exercise. This contains taurine and L-Carnitine which prevents cardiovascular diseases in dogs.

  • Healthy immune system.
  • This not only keeps dogs’ bladder healthy but its whole body as well. It is packed with anti-oxidants which counteracts cell oxidation.

Giving your dog the nutrients that it needs

This dog food is manufactured only with premium grade ingredients coming from North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Each serving is packed with nutrients a dog needs to have a healthy bladder. The Vitamins E and A supplements help dogs burn fat more efficiently and keeps dog’s eyes and skin healthy. Vitamin B12 supplements is responsible for staving off the aging process through cell growth and development. Vitamin D3 supplements strengthens dogs’ bones and teeth. Ferrous Sulfate keeps dogs’ blood healthy. A sufficient amount ensures that oxygen is transported throughout the body. Tryptophan decreases aggression among dogs through its mood stabilizing and calming properties. Lysine boosts dogs’ immune system. Dogs will not only enjoy eating Hill’s Prescription Diet Foods but also get a balanced diet and proper nutrition.

Choosing what is best for your Dogs

This type of dog food is best for dogs with bladder problems. Don’t let your dog’s bladder problem go unattended. Consult your veterinarian and get your dog the kind of treatment that it needs. Your veterinarian may order a complete diagnostic examination of your dog which will include urinalysis, urine cultures, blood work, ultrasound and quantitative analysis of passed bladder stones, among many others. You can get coupons for Hill’s Prescription to save your budget.

To ensure that your dog gets proper nutrition and a balanced diet while getting well, feed them Hill’s Prescription Diet Foods. For maximum benefit, be sure to follow the daily feeding guide directed by your veterinarian.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Foods is not good for growing puppies, nursing and pregnant dogs. It is also not recommended for dogs with history of pancreatitis hyperlipidemia pancreatitis, struvite urolithiasis and hyperalbuminemia.

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