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Kidney diseases in dogs do not become apparent until more than two-thirds of normal kidney function is lost. The causes of kidney or renal disease vary from one dog to another. It can be due to nutritional factors, genetic precondition or as a result of underlying diseases. Whether it is acute or chronic, kidney disease must not be taken lightly as it may result to life threatening conditions.

Your dog may be suffering from kidney problems if it is experiencing any or a combination of the following symptoms over an extended period of time: blood in the urine, increased frequency and amount of urination, incontinence, increased thirst, weight loss, depression, constipation, vomiting, acute blindness, seizures and comas. If your dog is manifesting these symptoms, it is recommended that you take a trip to the veterinarian and get your dog checked-up. Your vet will order some tests to be done and recommend a therapeutic plan that will help your dog get better.

Studies have shown that shifting to a prescription diet while undergoing renal disease management gives dogs the proper nutrition it needs to recuperate faster and stay healthy. Hill’s Prescription Diet kd Canine Dog Food has been prescribed by many veterinarians to support dog’s kidney health.

Benefits of Hill’s Prescription Diet kd Canine Dog Food

Hill’s nutritionists developed Prescription Diet kd Canine Dog Food to provide balanced and complete nutrition for dogs with kidney problems and help lengthen and improve the quality of life of ailing dogs. Among the key benefits of taking Hill’s prescription diet are:

  • Stronger heart and kidneys
  • This prescription food is formulated with the targeted levels of high quality protein to ensure that the kidneys are not overworked while being treated as well as provide protection for the heart.

  • Good source of energy and balanced nutrition
  • Dogs with renal disease need the nutrients that it needs to keep them strong and healthy. This prescription food is packed with prescribed levels of protein to keep optimum performance of muscles and vital organs.

  • Delectable taste
  • Sick dogs often lose their appetite and miss out on the nutrients that its body needs. Taking this into consideration, nutritionists and veterinarians at Hill’s formulated this prescription food for a dog’s eating enjoyment. It contains pork fat, chicken, egg product, dried beet pulp, flaxseed, corn and sorghum, among many others, blended for your dog’s delight. It is easily digestible and tasty.

  • Maintains over-all well being
  • It provides vitamins and minerals needed that fortifies the body’s immune system and keeps dogs strong and active.

Getting the Most out of the Key Ingredients

Hill’s prescription foods are especially made from premium ingredients that exceed industry standards. It also contains more nutrients than regular grocery store dog foods.

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Studies show that dogs with renal problems taking omega 3 fatty acids have greater chances of living longer.

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • When the kidney is not removing enough acid from the body, it results to metabolic acidosis (a case of highly acidic state) which makes dogs feel ill. Alkalizing agents such as calcium carbonate aids in the reabsorption of hydrogen ions and retention of bicarbonate ions in the body to maintain the pH level of the blood within the normal range.

  • Dietary Fat
  • Since renal diets have lower protein levels compared to regular maintenance diets, the body needs to compensate for the protein reduction by burning calories from dietary fat to meet the body’s energy requirements. Dietary fat also makes dog food tastier and more appealing to dogs that have lost their appetite.

Giving Dog with Renal Problems the Nourishment That it Deserves

Dogs suffering from renal diseases may suffer from malnutrition due to diet restrictions. It is important that it gets proper nutrition while undergoing treatment. It is important that you discuss with your veterinarian a nutritional plan for your dog. With Hill’s Prescription Diet kd Canine Dog Food, you get the right mix of nutrients that will aid in your dog’s recuperation from renal diseases.

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