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Dogs make wonderful companions and pet, and it’s always in their best interest to make sure that everything from their toys to their leashes all the way to their dog bowls are just right for them. Dog bowl set-ups are often overlooked because they are seemingly simple. However, simply setting your dog’s food and water dishes on the ground isn’t always the best options—especially if you have a dog that is on the larger size!

Several weeks ago, I posted an article about dog food bins Storage ideas. Lots of my readers like the ideas and ask me lots of questions about dog bowl stands for large size dogs. I think it could be a good idea to write an article just talking about this topic, so that you can find all the information in this article.

The best options for dogs that are larger than a toy breed are elevated dog bowl stands. Raised bowls allow for both food and water to be at a more comfortable height for the dog, which makes eating easier; not only does an elevated stand make sure that the dog has better posture while eating, it can actually help cut down on problems such as eating food too quickly or eating too much in one sitting!

Elevated dog bowl stands aren’t just for pets, either! Simply putting a food and water dish on the floor may not be a terrible choice, but from an aesthetic point of view it doesn’t look very nice; and you’re more likely to get dog food and slobbery water all over the floor, which you’ll have to clean on a regular basis. An elevated stand for the bowls can eliminate both of these problems easily!

When it comes to elevated dog bowls, there are many options to choose from—including elevated stands made from refurbished items, floating wall strands, and so much more! The following are 10 excellent types of elevated dog bowls stands you can find for sale on the market today or if you’re particularly crafty, make on your own!

Large Dog Food Feeding Station with Storage Box

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If you want to find a elevated dog feed station which is the proper height for your large dog, this will be the suitable one. First, the wooden style design can easily matches the kitchen. It looks nicely in the kitchen. Second, it is very easy to put together. Third, the storage space underneath is a great idea to save space.

Elevated Dog Food and Water Bowl with Storage Bin

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This simple but stylish stand also doubles as a storage bin, so you won’t have to take up any unnecessary space in pantries, kitchens or closets with dog food! The bright color will really “pop” in just about any kitchen, while the simple design keeps it from clashing too much with different styles. The handles on either end make it a breeze when you need to move the stand or do some clean-up in that area.

7 Inch Waterproof Wooden Raised Dog Feeder with Food Storage

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This raised feeder is produced by Pawfect Pets. This one comes in both large and small size. The large size is 7 inches high, which is great for medium to large breeds. The dog food station is made with mixed wooden material and treated with a water proof cheery finish. Therefore, this one is easy to clean. It includes two stainless steel bowl inserts and two brass “dog bone” accents.

Floating Wall Wood Dog Food and Water Station

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Space is everything in a home, but this floating wall stand is definitely the ultimate space saver! This “floating food station” can fit easily on the side of any kitchen cabinet, meaning you won’t have to worry about finding a place to put a bulky stand, or worry about kicking your dog’s food and water dishes when you’re cooking dinner.

Wall mounted Floating Elevated Dog Food Bowl


Wall mounted dog bowl stands are very popular because they don’t take up floor space, unlike traditional food stands. And these particular mounted or “floating” dog bowl stands take things a step further with a stylish design that even includes a name plate for your pet!

Old Wooden Chairs Dog Bowls and Water Station


If ordinary dog bowls aren’t for you, why not give this unique dog dish stand a try? These converted old, vintage-style chairs have grooved holes that allow you to stick a standard dog bowl—food or water!—inside. These stands are best for breeds large enough to comfortably eat from the height of a standard chair seat. The style of the vintage chairs makes them a great choice for “rustic” kitchens or any home with a more down-to-earth design style. Just make sure people don’t sit in them!

Cubby Wood Shelf Raised Dog Bowl Stand


Some of the most popular dog bowl stands are more practical than others. This cubby shelf, made from real wood, actually includes handy storage space which can be used for anything you want—whether you want to store dog food or other dog accessories inside, or simply use the cubbies as additional storage for other items from around the home!

Wooden Log Elevated Dog Bowl Stand


If you’re very concerned about the aesthetics of your dog bowls, give this bowl stand made from a real wooden log a try! This particular stand actually has dog bowl holders carved into a semi-large log; these logs not only look great in homes with that style of décor, they blend in very well with all sorts of pet furniture.

Stylish Steel Elevated Dog Bowl Stand


Looks aren’t everything, but if you’re looking for a dog bowl stand that is very chic and stylish, look no further than this steel stand with an elegant, looped floral design which would look at home in any stylish kitchen.

Elevated Dog Bowl in Old Dresser Drawer


Instead of throwing out your old dresser or passing up that salvageable dresser from a local garage sale, consider turning it into a unique elevated dog bowl stand! An old dresser can be easily converted into a dog bowl stand with a lot of flair and style. You can even paint or add paper to the dresser to make it fit in with your home’s personal décor.

Old Crate Raised Dog Bowl Stand


Repurposed items are like Little Black Dresses: they never go out of style! And many things can be easily repurposed into dog bowl stands. If you like a simpler, slightly rustic look for your pets furniture, consider using an old crate which has been converted into a raised dog bowl stand instead of the traditional, store-bought dish stand. The create adds a “home-made” touch to any room!

Antique Barn Board Elevated Dog Bowl Stand


Who says that dog bowls can’t be vintage, repurposed and stylish all at the same time? These desk-like dog bowls stands are actually made using antique barn boards, which are painted and repurposed to give them a new life. And best of all: the fact that they are mounted on the back means that any drool or stray kibble that would normally find its way on the floor behind the stand will be caught by the board!

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