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Dog Food Coupons

All About Coupons for Dog Food

Royal Canin owns a large number of loyal customers. In the meantime, Royal Canin dog food coupons have a very high demand among many dog owners. Some new dog owners wonder why Royal Canin dog food are so popular. The reason is very simple. Royal Canin is a very professional dog food brand in the pets food market. They are known for the type of premium high quality dog food that you would expect from a company that has the guts to use the word “royal” in their company name. Because of their attempt to be exclusively viewed as a premium or high end part of the market, it’s very hard for you to find Royal Canin dog food coupons.


One of the more unusual aspects of Royal Canin dog food is that many of their dry dog food and canned dog food are aimed specifically at one species of dog. For example, Royal Canin dry food formulas exist for Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers, Pugs, and even Chihuahuas. Some of these species even have different Royal Canin food for puppies as opposed to adult dogs.

German Shepherd 24

German Shepherd 24:Dog Food for German Shepherds over 15 months old

Golden Retriever 25

Golden Retriever 25:Dog Food for Golden Retrievers over 15 months old

Labrador Retriever 30

Labrador Retriever 30:Dog Food for Labrador Retrievers over 15 months old

Checking out the company website for announcements is one way to look for Royal Canin coupons, although unlike many other companies there is not an entire section of the site actually devoted to coupons, rebates, or other deals or discounts. This company seems happy to charge premium prices and rely on their reputation, and it’s a combination that has worked very effectively.


One of the best ways to get Royal Canin dog food coupons is to try and find out when a representative of the company is going to be visiting local PetSmart or PetCo or similar other pet store. Often times the traveling reps will have coupons ranging from half off to even a free bag, and talking to these individuals gives you a much better chance of landing a good Royal Canin dog food coupon as opposed to having to wade through non-sympathetic machines and websites.


Royal Canin also tends to advertise in high level dog enthusiast magazines, such as ones about pureblood breeding. This might be a decent place to find a deal, although this tendency can certainly change from year to year. As a general policy Royal Canin does not give out many coupons, so looking at the owners of stores like PetSmart or local pet stores might be a more effective way of getting those savings you desire through excellent Royal Canin coupons.

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