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I recently refurbished my home with wood furnishings. I love walking barefoot in wood tiles. It feels like I am in a grounded place. I have taken the liberty of buying wooden style furnishings to match my overall interior design. And since I live with my German shepherd, Dusk, I wanted his stuff to blend in with my interiors as well.

During my house warming party, I invited friends over. One of them, Ollie, also has a German shepherd. He then gave me this valuable advice about how I should feed my dog Dusk. He recommends me to feed my large with wooden elevated dog food station. Here are some reasons which convince me to get one for my Dusk.

Elevated Dog Food Station is good for Large Dogs
Elevated feeders provide easy access to food and water. It makes feeding a comfortable experience for large dogs as it lessens the strain on the dog’s neck, shoulders, joints and hips when they have to stoop down for an extended period of time.

Good for Dogs with Arthritis
It is difficult for dogs with arthritis to topple down when they try to get food and water in regular dog food bowl. Elevated dog food stations help them get rid of the pain as the bowls are raised. This is very important for old dogs those suffer from arthritis.

Elevated Dog food Station with Extra Storage
Some elevated dog food station provides extra storage in the bottom. This design will save lots of space for my kitchen. Usually, this type of elevated dog food stations is made of waterproof wooden.

My friend also gives me some wooden elevated dog food stations which may fit my home stylish wooden style. Here are the top 3 wooden elevated dog feeders:

APetProject Large Pet Food Server & Storage Box

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The first one is the APetProject Large Pet Food Server & Storage Box. I liked the chocolate brown color that is made of durable MDF that comes with a non-toxic finish. It comes with 2 removable stainless steel bowls which could easily be filled with food and water. I find the fact that it comes with a storage box very practical. All you need to do is lift the metal hinged top and then you can store your pet’s supplies inside. It has a generous space for food, toys and other supplies. The product measures 20” W x 15” H X 11” D. The height is just right for Dusk. It does look cheap just like many of its counterparts, easy to put together, blends well with my kitchen design and does not require constant cleaning. This is definitely highly recommended.

Large “Traditional” Wooden Elevated Raised Dog Feeder – Deluxe Pet Diner


The next is the Large “Traditional” Wooden Elevated Raised Dog Feeder – Deluxe Pet Diner. It is made of sturdy acacia wood and could blend perfectly well in my home. I liked the rich cherry finish. The product is craftily done with great details. I especially love the nickel plated solid brass doggy bone accents. The wood is protected by a water based cherry finish to prevent water from causing damage to the wood. It is easy to clean, all you need to do is wipe of the spills and it is good as new. It comes with a furniture glide that can be assembled to prevent the feeder from scratching the floor.

Benzara Brighton Wood Steel Pet Feeders


The next one that I look at was the Benzara Brighton Wood Steel Pet Feeders. It measures 24” W X 12 “ H X 12” D. The dark brown finish makes it very masculine. I also love its storage feature, allowing me to feed my pet anytime I want to. Its 2 steel bowls look neat. And because my pet can’t toss them over, I don’t need to worry about messing my place with left over dog foods. I like the fact that it does not sit directly on the floor and it is slightly elevated. Overall, it looks very contemporary and will be a great addition to my home.

I find them from Top 10 Elevated Dog Bowl Stands for Large Size Dogs. They will all work well in my home. Deluxe Pet Diner has good design and details. The dog bones are just an awesome accessory which gives it the mark that it is for Dusk.

But I went for the APetProject large pet food server and storage box, just because it not only solves my dog health issues when they are feeding, but also provides a large storage where I can keep dog foods and dog tools inside. Its height is ideal for Dusk. He could munch on his treats for as long as he likes and I would not have to worry about his straining his neck and shoulders in the process. I especially liked the fact that I own a dog food station that not only functions as a feeder but as a storage box as well. Having that extra space serves a great purpose for me. I am happy with my choice and I will likely recommend it to other large dogs owners out there.

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