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Dog Food Coupons

All About Coupons for Dog Food

Iams Promo coupon with $2.00 off
Up To $3.50 Off On IAMS Dog Food
Special Offer in October
Iams dog food coupons belong to one type of P&G brand savers. We will keep updating this page to help you collect printable Iams dog food coupons every month. Whenever you look at the price tag of your dog’s food, you will get scared due to the increase of its price constantly. But we can’t give our dogs a cheaper and non-healthy food just because of this. And this is why we want to collect the printable dog food coupons here, to help pet owners feed dogs the best food under a low cost.

Iams Dog Food Reviews

Iams dog food brand is very famous for its nutritive value. As it is prepared and developed by Veterinarians and Nutritionists, you can be sure that your dog is getting very good and healthy food. This food brand comes in three main categories such as Premium Protection, Pro-Active Health and Healthy Naturals. You can also find dietary requirements in Iams dog food. It provides you with great qualities of dog foods.

Iams Dog Food brand follows the nutritional philosophy. They usually make innovative researches to know the dogs more and provide them with the best food in the whole of pet care industry.

Iams Dog Food Formula Reviews

Iams provides a full choice for our dogs. The dry dog food is categorized in bread size, life stage, formula and special concerns. Iams dry dog foods cover the whole dog bread and ages. There are four formulas available, ProActive Health, Veterinary Formula, Premium Protection, and Naturals for both dry dog food and wet dog food.

Iams ProActive Health dog food formula keeps our dogs healthy both inside and outside. PreBiotic nutrition stimulates the growth and activity of bacteria in the digestive tract to help your dogs promote healthy digestion. As premium dog food, Iams ProActive is recommended by many vets, because it is a concentrated formula to meet the unique nutrition needs of dogs.

Joint Health formula is focusing on supporting your dogs joint healthy. It contains chondroitin sulfate. Along with the glucosamine, it will help to avoid the cartilage degeneration and protect your dog from osteoarthritis. Furthermore, it also provides L-Carnitine which can help your dogs reduce fat mass and increase the muscle mass. It is also the best dog food formula for dog weight loss.

Premium Protection formula dog food is strongly recommended by many dog owners. This dog food formula is the ultimate Iams dog food for all dogs nutrition needs. It uses the chicken as its main source of protein, which can provide the enhanced quality and nutritional value. It promotes the healthy digestion and strong immune system. It also includes the glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate which can also find in the Iams Joint Health dog food formula to keep healthy joints.

Iams Healthy Naturals formula dog food provides unsurpassed the nutrition from natural sources. With the carrots, tomatoes, and spinach from the natural farm, it provides rich vitamins and antioxidants for our dogs, helps them to establish the solid immune system. Healthy Naturals dog food formula uses the natural chicken or lamb meat and egg as the high quality protein source, which help to build strong muscles. It offers the natural fiber from apples and helps our dogs develop a healthy digestion system.

Reviews on Iams Dry and Canned Dog Food

Iams has more than thirty different dry dog food products categorized by four main formulas. All dry dog foods are focusing on meeting different nutrition needs of dogs. For example, dog foods such as Pro-Active dry MiniChunks are used for dogs aging one year and above. It provides enough energy for adult dogs with whole day outdoor activities. It helps our dogs build the strong immunity system to protect them from outdoor risk.

Puppy Food, Dog Food for Puppies
Iams also contributes a lot researches on nutrition needs for dogs in different life stage. Dogs in different age, their energy requirements are totally different. Iams produce puppy foods, adult dog foods, mature dog foods and senior dog foods. Puppy dog foods, such as Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy Original, are designed for puppies from 1-12 months old. This kind of dog foods is made with natural fish oils which provide Docosahexaenoic Acid, known as DHA, a very important nutrition for brain development.

Senior Dog Food
Senior dogs have more healthy problems than adult dogs. They are usually suffering from digestion problem, kidney problem, joint problems, or over weight problem. To help our senior friends out of these healthy problems, Iams provides the special dog food for senior dogs. For example, Iams sensitive natural ocean fish, rice & barley recipe is designed for senior dogs that have digestion problems.

Dog Food for Weight Management
Iams also pays much attention on dog special concerns such as skin care and weight control. Iams Pro-Active health dry dog food is known for its weight controlling formula. It is used on adult dogs to reduce their fat and to keep them active for a longer period. This contains L- Carnitine which helps in burning the fat. Iams Pro-Active Lamb meal and Rice dry dog food are designed for dogs aging more than a year and has a sensitive skin. This food is easy for digestion as it contains high-quality protein. Rich of Omega-6 help your dogs develop healthy skin and hair.

Printable Iams Dog Food Coupons

Use online Iams Dog Food coupons are the best way to feed the premium dog food to your dogs, as well as save money. Usually, there are three ways to get the Iams printable dog food coupons. One way is to get the coupons from your local news papers. For example, there are over 100 newspapers in California which will carry the Iams Dog Food Coupons, such as CA Journal, CA Enterprise-Record, and CA Enterprise etc. Another way is getting online Iams dog food coupons. You can subscribe the newsletters from Iams. It will keep you up to date with the latest Iams dog food news and coupons in time.

IAMS dry dog food coupons printable 2011

IAMS dry dog food coupons printable 2011 Dec

There is another efficient way to get the Iams dog food discount. It is keep looking our website. Not only dog food coupons, we also keep eyes on the online pet shop promotion code. The online pet shops usually provide the promotion code weekly based. And sometimes they will provide super saving service such as free shipping. Different from printable dog food coupons, you don’t need to print the promotion code out. All you need to do is clicking and typing the promotion code in the checkout form when you buy dog food online.

New Coupons Code For Iams Dry Dog Food

Wag.com now is partnering with Iams for Iams Home 4 the Holidays. As fulfillment partner for this program, we can get $2.00 discount on selected Iams dry dog food. The Iams dog food coupon code is “IAMSHOME”. Furthermore, we can also enjoy the free 2-day delivery once our order is over $49.00 on Wag.com.

Promo Coupons for $2.00 Off

Today, I got one coupon with $2.00 off for Iams dog food with any 3 purchase, but only for wet dog food. It is a printable version and the date of expiry is March 6, 2014.

More Discount on IAMS Dog Food

Do you like to enjoy more discount? It is time to start your printer to print out coupons for IAMS dog food. Here are two coupons. One is for IAMS Wet dog food which give $1.50 discount. Another is IAMS Dry dog food which give $2.00 discount. Do not hesitate. They are yours now.

October Promo Coupon for Iams Dog


We now have the chance to enjoy the $4.50 off discount for IAMS dog food. Here are three coupons in this month. One of them will expire on September 30. The rest of them will expire on October 22. I hope you will enjoy this real benefits.

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