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Glucosamine is found in the dog’s body which produces glycosaminoglycan that has been used to repair body tissues, muscles and make the bones strong. With the passage of time, the system which makes glucosamine in dogs body get slower. You can make it work normally by maintaining the health of your dogs, exercise daily and give healthy food but in old age, it could become difficult for the dog to walk or exercise.

As a dog owner, it is hard to see your dog in pain. With age, the dog faces many problems like people. The most common one is arthritis or pain in the joint. You can easily recognize that your dog in pain by his walking style and not responding to your commands which required him to move the joint.

If your dog is facing the joint pain and being slow to do different physical activities then you need to add supplement in his diet which can help to improve the glucosamine level in his body. The wear and tear which took place in the dog’s body can be recovered quickly and your dog remains active as other young dogs.

What are the benefits of glucosamine for the dog?

Some of the benefits of giving glucosamine for dogs are:

  • Glucosamine makes the bones strong and keep them strong for years
  • Provide lubrication to the joints which make it easy to move
  • It is also proven supplement to eliminate the need of NSAIDS among dogs
  • Glucosamine is an anti-inflammatory supplement which reduces pain.

What is the recommended dosage of glucosamine for dogs?

A number of factors needed to be considering before giving glucosamine to the dog. This includes important things like the age of the dog, the size of dog and health condition. That’s why it is advised to give any supplements including glucosamine to after the advice of the veterinarian. They will tell you the exact amount of dosage as per your dog’s body requirements. The general glucosamine dosages are:

  • If your dog is 90 pounds and above then give 1,500 mg per day
  • If your dog is 45-90 pounds and above then give 1,000 mg per day
  • If your dog is 20-45 pounds and above then give 500 mg per day
  • If your dog is 5-20 pounds and above then give 250-500 mg per day.

In short, the larger the dog, the more amount of glucosamine is required by his body to keep the joints and bones strong and do the repairing process of muscles and tissues fast.

What are the side effects of glucosamine?

There are no side effects of glucosamine to dogs if it has been given as per vet’s recommendation. If you have over dosage then your dog can face the side effects like insomnia, allergies, excessive thirst, urination and fatigue etc. In the case of any of these side effects you notice, contact with the dog’s vet.

Glucosamine is also may not be a good supplement for those dogs who are suffering from diabetes.

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