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A few days ago, I received a message from one friend, told me that she got a small puppy. Now she was exciting but upset. It’s her first time to live with a puppy, which is a gift from another friend. I think it’s the normal state when people get a puppy but don’t know how to take care the little cute friend.

So my first reaction is asking her to bring her new puppy to vet, having a whole body testing to make sure the puppy is healthy. Then check with the vet to see if the puppy needs any vaccinations. For people who doesn’t have any ideas of dogs, we can ask the vet about the dog breed, age, etc. With this information, the vet will also give some feeding advice. As different dog breed at different age need different nutrition. Therefore, we need to know all this basic information to make sure we can choose the right diet for our puppy friend.

Eventually, my friend’s puppy is a cockapoo, 12 month old. I have to say she is lucky. This puppy is almost one year old. The puppy is old enough to feed with commercial dog food for adult or puppy. To make it safe, the vet advise her to feed puppy food and move to adult food slowly. This will make sure the lovely puppy can get enough nutrition to meet his daily needs.

To give a full support to my friend, I make a puppy food search online, though I already post some puppy food ranking lists on my site:
5 Best Dry Puppy Foods
5 Best Canned Puppy Foods
5 Grain Free Puppy Foods

For people who is first time to feed a cockapoo, the above information is far from enough. First of all, the above is a general puppy food ranking. Some of puppy foods are for big breed. Others are for small breed. Regarding the information from CockapooHQ, the cockapoo is is a cross-breed from Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, usually a toy or miniature Poodle. Cockapoo is definite a small breed. With this information, I give out a new list, 3 best puppy foods for small breed, especially for Cockapoo.

#1. Merrick Classic Grain Free Puppy Plate Canned Puppy Food
I am choosing the Merrick Grain Free Puppy Canned Food as the No 1 puppy food for Cockapoo. As Cockapoos are active and thrive breed. They need more energy than others. Merrick puppy grain free canned food is made with the best ingredients which boost puppy’s health. Merrick has their own local farm. The ingredients are sourced from their local farm which can make sure the highest quality. This canned puppy food contains no artificial colors, no preservatives.

#2. Wellness Core Puppy Food
Wellness will never absent any top dog food ranking list because of their high quality. The Wellness core puppy food includes dry puppy food and canned puppy food. The Wellness Core optimizes the ingredients to offer our puppy balanced nutrition. Fresh chicken as its first ingredient provide rich protein and fatty acids. This puppy food uses the salmon oil as the DHA source which supports brain development. Here is for more information.

#3. Whole Earth Farm Puppy Grain Free Dog Food
You may rarely hear about Whole Earth Farm. But I must mention their grain free puppy recipe. The quality protein as first ingredient is 26% out of the whole recipe. I will not say lots on this recipe, please just check how the customer says:

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