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We always hear different answers according to dog owners’ experience with puppies. As we all know, puppies in different breeds has different daily nutrition needs. Even the puppies belong to the same breed but under different age, we have to consider different feeding guidelines, even feeding them the same food. Therefore, the food feeding aspects should be emphasized in order to ensure the optimal health of puppies in the long run. To consider about the feeding quantity, we have to carefully design a unique feeding guidelines for each puppy according its breed, age, health condition like weight and food ingredients.

Before Reaching 8 Weeks

Did you know that puppies should not be separated from their mother before they are eight weeks old? During this stage, it is vital for them to nurse from the mother as its milk can provide the best nutrition as well as antibodies. Nevertheless it is impossible to keep the puppies together with their mother. Should such a situation arise, dog owners should replace it with bottles designed for puppies. These can be easily purchased from pet stores.

Weaning Puppies to Solid Dog Food

This activity will not be magically achievable in a day. With constant practice and patience, puppies should be able to wean solid food over the stretch of time from two to three weeks.These little ones have a high demand of caloric and nutritional needs; the food chosen should be from a high quality brand of puppy food. Do consult your vet for recommendations.

How Frequent Should I Feed My Puppies

Daily wise, they should be fed three to four times. For example, feeding half of cup of puppy food three times a day is ideal. Remember: It is much easier for them to digest smaller meals. Also, their energy levels would not fluctuate a lot with frequent meals. Six months later, the daily feeding frequency should be reduced to twice a day for convenience purposes.

Puppy food no more

Due to the high caloric value of the puppy food, it is advisable to move away from it to adult food as soon as they have started to mature. Frankly speaking, there isn’t really a required age for the switch to happen because it all depends on the breed and the dog itself.

As a piece of general advice, the process of switching puppy food to the adult one should be gradual over the course of one to two weeks. It could be done by mixing in adult food with the puppy food, slowly reducing the latter one. By doing so, gastric upset is avoidable.

What to avoid when feeding?

It is not advisable to feed your pooch with more puppy food and longer than you need to. Overfeeding them with food can lead to orthopaedic problems as well as obesity. A good guideline knowing when to stop and switch to adult dog food is when they do not eat much of the puppy food or when they have started to gain too much weight.

A useful tip: It is ideal that puppy owners should be able to feel the ribs without them being visible when looking straight down at the puppy while they are standing. Please visit your veterinarian to find out if your puppy is at a healthy weight.

Chubby Puppy is Not Cute

Dog owners should decide on how much food to be used for feeding by judging their body condition score. Since every dog is unique, the recommendations on the labels from food packaging should only be served as guidelines; you may feed a little more or less. It is all dependent on the puppy’s condition score.

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