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Big dogs are like condominiums for fleas. Little dogs are not exempt though. An infested Terrier can be a home to more fleas than a big dog. No matter what the size of the dog fleas can be a humongous problem if not properly treated. There are many ways to manage fleas. If your pet has a flea problem it can be dealt with. You can get rid of fleas and keep them away for good.

The first thing to do is to call your dog to you and check to see if he has fleas. Do this by gently lifting up the fur on the neck, and behind the ears. Fleas also are commonly found on the belly of a dog. Ask your pet to roll over and see if any fleas are present on their chest and belly area. If they’re there you’ll see them. If you only see one or two you’re doing good. If your see them running all over your pet dog needs to be treated.

The first step in treating a flea problem is to give your dog a flea bath. Dog shampoos almost always contain ingredients that kill fleas. It is recommended to bathe your pet dog once a week. This keeps their fur and skin healthy and clean. This also rids them of fleas. The shampoo smells good too, it leaves the coat smelling fresh and looking great. One bath every week with a flea killing shampoo will rid the fur of the fleas and will help to keep them away for good.

Flea collars are also an option at keeping fleas away. They are inexpensive and available at the grocery store in the pet food and care isle. Flea collars are a simple way to keep fleas away. They go on your pet as any other collar would and dogs don’t mind wearing them because of this. Very rarely do they cause irritation but if one does remove it.

Vacuuming your carpets daily is another way to get dog fleas under control. It will also keep them away. This is a must do chore for dog owners anyway due to dog hair. Dogs lay on the floors. Carpet is much like fur. Fleas can run and hide in it, and they do. Flea eggs also fall of from a dog with fleas. When they land in the carpet they will hatch in the carpet if not vacuumed out of it. Fleas can’t stand a good vacuuming. Make sure your filters are clean and your canister is emptied for the best suction. This will ensure that you are getting them out, and helps for plush carpeting.

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