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If you own a dog with white or lightly colored fur, you’ve probably already noticed what many pet owners lament as their dog’s “Tear stains.” Dark marks underneath their eyes that look like permanent reminds of your dog “crying.” But what are they? What causes them? And how can they be removed? Read on to find out!

What causes dog tear stains?

Dog tear stains are caused excessive tear production; tear stains can happen in any breed, but they are much more noticeable in breeds with white or light coats. Tear staining can be caused by both medical and external factors, including:

  • Medical factors such as ingrown eyelashes, small tear ducts, eye infections, eye diseases like glaucoma or cataracts, and (in puppies only) teething.
  • External factors include exposure to cigarette smoke, eating from plastic food bowls, a poor diet, and excessive stress.

If you believe that your dog has any kind of eye infection or condition, consult your vet right away.

Eskimo Dog Sasha Tears

Can dog food causes tear stains?

Yes–in a way. Dog food itself will not inherently cause tear stains on a dog, but dog food which is not nutritionally balanced can lead to excessive tear production which, in turn, causes tear stains. It’s important that you ensure your dog’s diet is nutritionally sound and balanced. Only feed your dog high quality dog foods that do not use fillers and have a balanced amount of nutrients for optimum health.

How to remove dog tear stains

The best way to remove tear stains from your dog is simply to prevent them through conscious effort. This means feeding your dog a healthy diet, not exposing them to smoke, using metal or porcelain food bowls instead of plastic, only letting them drink filtered water instead of tap water, and ensuring that any eye problems are taken care of by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

If your dog does have current tear stains, the most gentle way to remove them is by taking a damp cloth and wiping your dog’s face around their eyes twice a day. This will prevent the tears from building up on the fur, which is what causes the staining discoloration.

remove dog tear stain with white vinegar

If the stains are a bit stubborn, you can try a mild boric acid solution such as liquid Vitamin C; put a dab on a cotton ball and carefully wipe at the tear stains. This type of solution will help oxidize the iron compounds in the tear stains, which causes them to get lighter. Be careful not to get the solution in your dog’s eye. You should ideally contact your vet before you try to remove the stains through any chemical solutions, so they can help you decide whether or not it is perfectly safe for your pet.

Note: Never put anything on or inside your dog’s eye in an attempt to remove tear stains. This can cause eye infections and even blindness.

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