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Leaving your Labrador Retriever at home once in a while is inevitable. But as you do so, don’t be surprised to be welcomed with a howling pup when you return home, or worse, finding chewed holes on your couch and wet spots on the carpet. This is a common thing for Labrador puppies experiencing separation anxiety.

What triggers separation anxiety?

Apart from leaving your dog at home, there are other instances that trigger anxiety attack on your pet. This can be a result from a loss of a family member or pet owner, a transfer to a new home, abandonment and some changes made on the dog’s usual daily routine.


How do you know if your furry friend is anxious? Well, if you hear your dog making a loud sound or bangs the door every time you leave home, it may be experiencing extreme anxiety. Maybe the symptoms are only obvious once you arrive home. If you discovered that your pet just chewed and wreck certain fixtures in your home, peed on the floor when you finally arrived or scratched your wall while you are away then your pet must be having anxiety issues.


There is no “one solution fits all” option that will fix your dog’s anxiety problem. But experimenting several ways to correct it will surely make a difference. One thing you can do is to wear him out. A morning walk before leaving for office will do. This will make your pet very tired and burry its anxious feelings to oblivion since it will sleep the whole time you are away. Though its excitement and high energy will be restored once you return home, at least, it was able to get its needed amount of rest during the day.

Diverting your dog’s attention to something that interest it most will also help. For instance, you can leave him with his favorite treat when you leave home. This way, the dog can associate treat to you leaving home. Hence, your dog will look forward to see you go so he can have his favorite food once again. Besides, keeping your dog busy munching the treat while you are gone will help him forget being anxious in your absence.

Letting your dog feel that leaving home is no big deal can help your furry friend understand that there’s nothing to worry after all. So, try not to say “big” goodbye’s when you go and don’t be over excited when you return home. Also, try leaving your dog for a few minutes, gradually increasing in the length of time will make it used to not see you the whole time.

Use Medication

If your dog can’t be managed by normal means, perhaps it’s about time that you use medications too. Of course you need to consult your dog’s vet first. You can try these medications listed below:

Composure for Medium and Large Dogs

This is indicated for dogs that are unable to adapt to stress. Unmanaged stress results to abnormal urine marking, hyperactivity, pacing, excessive scratching, excessive panting and even destructive behaviour. Composure will promote relaxation without altering the dog’s energy level and personality. This can be used as daily supplement or when needed when stressful situations arise. Because it is formulated with a delectable chicken liver flavour, dogs will surely love it.

Bach Rescue Remedy Pet

This is ideal for impatient canines that are fearful in nature. These are dogs that have been through a traumatic experience. This canine may even be afraid of fireworks or thunder. Simply put two drops of this medication to your pet’s drinking water and it will surely help the dog feel relax as it overcomes its anxiety.

Ask Doctor For Help

If your dog is still having anxiety attacks despite all the intervention you have done, it is best to call a doctor to attend to this matter.

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