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Dog Food Coupons

All About Coupons for Dog Food

Dogs, like humans need to have a balanced diet too. After all, they are what they eat. You can’t expect them to be healthy if they are not eating the right kinds of foods. To prolong their life and keep them from illnesses, it is very crucial to look for the right type of dog food that will feed them right.

A lot of heads turn every time I run. Unfortunately, eyes are not set on me but on my dog! Its cuteness is just irresistible. But the important thing is; my dog has the stamina to go for a long run. And I can attribute this to the dog food I feed my furry friend. But searching for the right diet is a task that is easier said than done. The plethora of information out there makes choosing very challenging, considering the fact that dogs differ in a lot of ways. After thorough research, I ultimately learned what nutrients need to be given to dogs. I also had the chance to know what ingredients won’t be good for my pet. If you want to give your dog the best meal, make sure to consider the following factors.

#1. Must contain vegetables

vegetables for dogs
These foods are good sources if vitamins and minerals. However, don’t include onions, garlic and avocados sine they are harmful for canines.

#2. Grain free is preferable

no grain
Grains may cause obesity. Of course, dogs can have them in small amount. But over consumption is bad for their health.

#3. Fruits

fruit for dog
Fruits makes the completes the dog’s food except for cherries and grapes, These are poisonous to dogs.

Always remember the dog’s true nature

Dogs are carnivore by nature. This means they want meat above all others. Hence, choose a formula added with clean flesh from slaughtered animals. Mostly, sources include the diaphragm, tongue, esophagus and heart. You may also find dog foods that include other tissues found on various muscle groups and fats like those sold for human consumption. And make sure that the dog food is devoid of bones. Protein from uncooked, pure meat is around 25%.

Meanwhile, meat meals are just processed meats, coming from various animals. You must also know the meat’s raw content. This way, you would know what your pet is consuming. Check how the meat was cooked. Most often, it is through rendering. It is a process where the meat is set to overcook. This removes the moisture as well as the baking residue. Protein level of this meat is around 60% to 70%.

The best option is the meat that was not cooked at all. Raw meat may have salmonella and E. Coli but dogs’ tummies are well prepare against it. They have highly acidic digestive system. This is the reason why parasites are killed even before they have the chance to circulate in the blood stream.

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