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My dog Fluffy, a dachshund, is now 5 years old. She is very energetic and loving. She was not always like that. We had her when she was 6 months old. Feeding her was a challenge because she has allergies from food. Sometimes we would find her scratching incessantly when we give her store bought foods. We tried another brand but it turned out she was throwing up after every meal. She was also sustaining rashes and skin irritation and is chronically licking, chewing and biting to relieve the itch. We were worried about her and we came to a point that we just wanted to give her back to my sister-in-law who gifted her to us. Then we found this vet who was able to explain to us about her condition. She told us that Fluffy has a sensitive stomach....

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I have great things to say about Apocaps CX Dog Apoptosis Pill. It is a popular supplement given to canine pets that have cancer. I have tried it on my German Shepherd, Stan to improve his immune response despite his battle against cancer. Stan was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. It had mast cell tumor. We had it removed through surgery successfully. Our veterinarian told us that he only had 3 to 6 months to live with the cancer already spreading to his vital organs. We tried everything including following a strict diet and giving him supplements. Then our veterinarian introduced us to Apocaps. With not much to lose given the grim prognosis, we tried it out. To our surprise, Stan’s laboratory results improved and eventually, the he...

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I have a Labrador retriever who has been with us for seven years now. Last year, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. The news came as a shock for us. But our doctor said that, somehow, it is to be expected as Labradors are prone to this condition. Hummer had to go through chemo treatment. He lost his appetite and he lost considerable weight. Our veterinarian recommended that we put him on a special diet. He also recommended that we give Hummer Aloha Medicinals K9 Immunity Soft Chews. This product is recommended for dogs over 70 lbs. who require a much needed immune system boost due to a medical condition. While this product is not a cure for cancer cases in dogs, it is a great source of nutrients that complement a dog’s dietary requirement...

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Dogs, just like human beings, fall prey to diseases. While some can easily be treated, others may prove to be fatal. As in humans, the key is early detection and getting the right treatment. One common disease inflicting dogs is renal disease or commonly known as kidney disease.

Kidneys are vital organs that eliminate wastes that accumulate during metabolism. It keeps the blood free of excess water, salts and metabolites, dissolves it in water and passes it out the body in the form of urine. The kidney also maintains the acidity level and control blood pressure by maintaining the salt content in the body.

Failure of kidney to function properly may be a result of old age, congenital preconditions, inflammation, overstimulation...

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Awareness of common diseases inflicting dogs is important to ensure that they stay healthy, active, and strong and live a longer life. One of the common diseases that you should look into is kidney disease. It is highly common for dogs in their senior years but it also inflicts dogs of all ages for a variety of reasons. Kidney or renal disease may be due to toxicity or it can be a manifestation of other medical conditions such as infection, parasites, amyloidosis, inflammation, autoimmune disease, poisoning or trauma. It can also be a case of congenital disorder.

Dogs suffering from kidney problems may exhibit the following: increased thirst, unusually large or low amount of urine, dribbling urine, loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargy,...

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We love our dogs and we consider them as an extension of our family. When a member of our family gets sick, we do everything we can to help them get better. For this same reason, we make sure that when our dogs are not their usual playful and jolly selves, we worry about their health.

At some point in a dog’s life, it may suffer from kidney or renal disease. It may start as a singular occurrence (acute kidney disease) or recur through time (chronic kidney disease). The latter may be due to congenital malformation, persistent bacterial infection with or without kidney stones, hypertension, immune system deficiency or severe damage to the kidneys resulting from poisoning or other causes.

Dogs suffering from kidney disease may...

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Kidney diseases in dogs do not become apparent until more than two-thirds of normal kidney function is lost. The causes of kidney or renal disease vary from one dog to another. It can be due to nutritional factors, genetic precondition or as a result of underlying diseases. Whether it is acute or chronic, kidney disease must not be taken lightly as it may result to life threatening conditions.

Your dog may be suffering from kidney problems if it is experiencing any or a combination of the following symptoms over an extended period of time: blood in the urine, increased frequency and amount of urination, incontinence, increased thirst, weight loss, depression, constipation, vomiting, acute blindness, seizures and comas. If your dog...

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As a dog owner, you need to be sensitive to your dogs’ needs. Changes in their behavior or routine may mean that they are experiencing something that may need special attention. For instance, if your dog is experiencing incontinence or difficulty in urinating or licking around the urinary opening, chances are your dog has bladder problems.

Bladder problems may be caused by several things. One is the formation of bladder stones and crystals in the bladder. It may also be a result of bacterial infection. The consumption of foods high in protein and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and magnesium is also linked to common bladder problems. And there are dogs born with the difficulty to metabolize certain proteins and are therefore...

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Dog kidneys, just like in humans, are responsible for filtering out the body’s wastes and maintaining normal concentration of salt and water in the body. Kidneys also aid in controlling blood pressure, calcium metabolism and sustaining the body’s phosphorus levels. A dog with kidneys not functioning properly may experience listlessness and depression, vomiting, weight loss, blood in urine, chemical odor of breath and a change in water consumption and volume of urine produced.
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Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Grain Free Salmon & Potato recipe will make sure that your dog has a healthy immune system, receives all his life stage requirements and has a healthy oxidative balance. It contains minerals, vitamins and antioxidants handpicked by animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians to improve the health of your dog. And as we know it, heating depletes or even removes the vitamins we normally get from fresh food sources. Hence, Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient is prepared with the least amount of heat possible to retain the potency of its ingredients.

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