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Zymox is an otic enzymatic solution meant to aid in the cure of external otitis, a condition ranging from acute to chronic ear inflammation which results from yeast, viral or bacterial infections. It’s also hydrocortisone free, making it very safe to use.

Dogs are prone to ear infection because of the anatomical position of their ears. Some breeds are also prone to this illness like the Retrievers, Spaniels and Beagles having pendulous ear flaps. Dogs with ear infections frequently scratch and shake their ears. Brown discharge, redness and foul smell are also the hallmarks indicating presence of infection. Sometimes, the ears may even bleed as your canine relentlessly kick and rub its ear on furniture and rugs. In worse cases, this...

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Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Liquid is a 4 ounce bottle meant to soothe your dog’s eye irritation. This also avoids tear stain. Because it does not create irritation, this is the best ophthalmic solution offering relief from eye discomfort brought about by foreign material, dried mucous, eye irritants and pollens. Part of its content is boric eye acid solution which is also used for humans, making this product very safe for your dog too.
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Sometimes it’s the little details in our homes that can make a big difference between a ‘mess’ and a ‘must.’ One little detail that every dog owner must confront is how they store their dog food safe and fresh. Some people repurpose cabinets to store pet food, while others simply keep dog food in the bulky bag it came in; but you don’t have to be stuck with an ugly shiny bag or a plain kitchen drawer. One of the easiest ways to make your dog food storage pleasant to look at—but still practical—is to use storage tins. If you’re stumped for what to do, just take a look at the following 5 painted dog food storage tin ideas!

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There is no one way to store dog food in your home! If you would like to try something a little different, consider the following 10 clever dog food bin storage ideas. You can also check this 5 best dog food container decorative ideas.

Dog Food and Water Station Hidden Storage Idea

This hidden storage station made from a simple chest of drawers easily solves the problem of unsightly dog food. Make sure that you have enough room to fully pull the drawers out before you utilize this trick!
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