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If you have an American Pit Bull, you might be wondering the best way to go about grooming your dog. Let’s take a closer look at what supplies you’ll need for a grooming session, how to prepare your American Pit Bull for grooming, and what basic grooming steps you should take.
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Dogs, like humans, have certain nutritional needs that should be met. One area that many pet owners overlook is the amount of fatty acids in their dog’s dry food. Let’s take a closer look at why these fatty acids are important, and which top 10 high fatty acid dry dog foods you should consider getting for your dog.
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Maltese dogs are popular toy breeds for both companion and show dogs, but grooming them can be a challenge if you don’t take the time to learn the proper techniques for grooming your Maltese. Grooming a Maltese, like grooming any dog that requires more regular maintenance, involves learning two key things: one, what tools you’ll need to give your dog a proper grooming; and two, how to actually groom the Maltese the right way. Let’s take a closer look at the tools you’ll need on hand to prepare for grooming before discussing the guide to Maltese grooming.

Cocker spaniels are wonderful pets and companions. All dogs require regular grooming to keep their coats healthy and shiny, but cocker spaniels require a little extra grooming due to the nature of their coats, which are quite thick and can become easily matted. Some pet owners take their cocker spaniels to professional dog groomers, but there is no reason why you can’t groom your cocker spaniel at home, as long as you have the right tools and know the basics about cocker spaniel grooming.

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A certain type of cancer affecting the lymphocytes can be experienced by dogs. This is called “lymphoma”. And do you know that 1/5 of malignant tumors experienced by dogs are actually lymphomas? And you can’t just be very complacent when your dog has this since it has a very high mortality rate. Chemotherapy does not even offer a 100% survival. This can only lengthen the dog’s life.

There are certain dog breeds that are more prone to lymphoma. Among these are Boxers, Golden Retrievers, Basset Hounds, Saint Bernards, Bullmastiffs and Scottish Terriers. Even Bulldogs and Airedales are not exempted from this illness. Lymphoma may occur when dogs get into their middle age years. Surprisingly, not all these dogs show clinical symptoms...

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As pet owners, we often think about the quality of the food we’re feeding our dogs—such as the ingredients, reputation of the brand, and stage in our dog’s life—but sometimes we overlook one of the most important aspects of our dog’s diet: how slowly they eat.

It’s not uncommon to hear people describing their pet’s eating habits as “wolfing it down,” or “inhaling their food.” Unfortunately, dogs who eat too quickly are at risk for a host of digestive problems and potentially serious complications that could impact their health. Let’s take a closer look at why dogs eat too quickly, and why eating slowly is good for your dogs.

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Elevated dog feeding stations are a popular choice among pet owners for many reasons, including the fact that they help slow down the dog during dinner—and they look much more appealing in a home than two bowls sloppily placed on the floor. One of the most popular types of dog feeding stations include the elevated wooden dog feeding station, as well as the elevated wooden dog feeding station with storage, both of which are made out of natural wood. Dog feeding stations with storage are especially useful...

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No matter how much you care for your dog, it can still encounter challenges on its health. If it has been diagnosed with kidney disease, your best option is to walk it through the process towards recovery. And one of the things that you have to focus on is to provide your pet a healthy diet. But remember that a healthy diet for a healthy dog can never be a healthy meal for a canine with kidney failure.

Choose the Right Diet For Your Dogs with Kidney Disease

Select a dog food that contains high quality proteins as part of its ingredients. Remember that your dog will be deprived from the normal amount of protein to lower down toxic waste on its body. So make sure that the low...

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Do you know that dogs can have allergies too, such as allergies in dogs eye, allergies in dogs ear, or allergies in dogs skin? This is when their immune system reacts on substances that it perceives to be dangerous. Though these are common everyday substances and may be harmless to other canines, your dog’s system may overreact to it and show allergic symptoms once they ingest, inhale or come in contact with these substances. It’s respiratory and digestive system may react in its effort to do away with these allergens. Hence, your dog may experience vomiting, sneezing, diarrhea and snoring. Allergic symptoms may also appear on your dog’s other systems. Allergies in dogs skin, for example, its skin may become itchy so it becomes moist,...

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Do you know that dogs can have bone cancer too? Yes, like humans, they can be prone to such an awful health condition. Because of this, they will need special care to alleviate their pain and provide palliative care to their illness. One thing that has to be taken into consideration is their diet. You have to put greater emphasis on its carbohydrate and Omega 3 fatty acid contents. Carbohydrate worsens bone cancer symptoms while Fatty Acids are needed to provide the right nourishment for your dog. Hence, we need to choose the food which has low content on the carbohydrate and high content on the Fatty Acid. When you are purchasing dog food in the shop, please pay attention on the dog food label and choose the right dog food whose ingredients...

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