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I never thought that Dogs and chocolate can be compatible since I know that dogs eating chocolate experience some sort of toxic effects. However, I found out that dogs can be like humans too and they can be addicted to chocolate flavored treats. My kids crave for chocolate all the time and they got that habit from me. However, I never expected my dog will feel the same way too. So, I searched the net and want to share with you what I found.
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Nutrition is important for all dogs, but it’s especially important for puppies. Young dogs experience a lot of change very rapidly as they grow, resulting in very different needs than full grown dogs. Because they’re developing things like new teeth, bigger muscles and organs, stronger bones, and layers of fur, their bodies soak up a lot of nutrients in a very short period of time. And puppy dogs need lots of energies to do the things they’re famous for like playing and causing trouble, so their food has to provide that necessary energy and must have an assortment of important nutrients.

Dogs grow quickly, and they need the right nutrients and nutrition to support all that growth. Puppy dog nutrition can be broken down into three...

My friend gave me as a gift several days ago. Our new family member is a very cute dog, Jacky. When I met him at the first time, he was so small and so cute. When he came to my family, he brought the happiness at the same time. My parents like him very much, and my sister gave him a name, Jacky.

I also love this small pet very much. But to be honest, I also feel a little bit upset because this is my first time to own a dog and I really don’t know how to take care him well. I ask my friend, a professional vet working in Shanghai to give me some advices. I think they are very important and worth to writing down and share with other dog lovers.

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