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All About Coupons for Dog Food

Have you ever experienced scratching your head as you try to understand the ingredients written on a dog food label? They can be very foreign to you. Hence, you end up guessing what they mean and end up buying the product without being certain if you have made the best choice. Searching for these terms individually can be time consuming as well. Hence, it pays to read posts like this which will somehow provide basic information about dog food ingredients. Below are some of the common terms that you will come across while reading through the dog food’s label.

Real Meat the Source of Protein

Make sure to choose a product that specifies the meat that has been used. It can be chicken, beef or lamb. However, if the label simply state meat then this can be a decaying racoon, cat or dog. When referred to meat by products, this refers to a part of an animal excluding hoofs, horn, hair, meat or teeth. Hence, this can be an animal’s head, feathers or feet. Though these parts are not harmful for your pet, they have less nutritional content that will not boost that health of your beloved canines. Hence, stay away from these products.

Meals and Digest

Meat meals are ground or chopped bones, meats or organs. Hence, it is okay to choose these products. However, stay away from digested ingredients. They are processed using enzymes or chemicals that can be harmful for your dog.

Beet Pulp

Do not buy products that have this ingredient. This is a waste that will be produced after the sugar has been processed. This can harden the stool of your dog. Hence, it is not good for its digestive system.


Choose whole grains and stay away from by-products. These are left overs of grains after they have been processed. Hence, they are not meant for human consumption. A product that is not good for human meal is not good for your pet as well.

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