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Dogs and cats are known to be mortal enemies. They used to be seen fighting from time to time. However, this has become a thing of the past since today, they are often seen together. Homeowners who are raising a dog and a cat at the same time can relate with the scene of stolen beds. And guess whose beds are often taken? It’s the dog’s. And though dogs are obviously bigger than hairy felines, cats are often times the winner of it all. And some dogs are just very passive about it. They just allow their fury friend sleep on their mat and wait for her to finally get over it. This can be annoying but dogs who go through this experience every day find this to be a normal daily routine. Let’s check this video on YouTube.

Stolen Dog Beds: Barking Doesn’t Solve the Issue

Not all dogs choose keeping quiet when their bed is occupied. When they find cats stealing their beds, some dogs will find ways to get them back. Most often than not, they would bark at the cat all throughout hoping to wake it up and somehow make it realize that she is sleeping on the wrong bed. Unfortunately, cats would want to tarry longer on this soft comfortable bed that they will care less about the noise. Perhaps, they may just open their eyes a bit but seldom will they go away. Hence, barking will never be enough to reclaim stolen dog beds.

Will Cats Share Bed With Dogs

Some dogs are very considerate, especially with cats. Hence, when they see a fury feline sleeping on their bed, they will bring along their blanket to prove that they own this space. But most cats don’t even care. They still take pleasure lying on a soft, comfortable bed that is not even theirs. Dogs tend to compromise by attempting to fit on the bed together with the cat. But cats just don’t like to share.

Hence, dogs often end up getting painful scratch from the cat’s claws. In the end, dogs sleep on the floor and the selfish cat enjoys the leisure of sleeping on a stolen bed. Sometimes life is just so unfair especially for dogs that never get to sleep on their own beds because of some selfish cats.

Get The Bed Back

Sometimes, some dogs will be the winner in the fighting. Dogs may be patient on cats stealing their beds but they can lose their patience too. Hence, if cats continue to ignore the dogs who wanted to get back their beds, then these canines have no other option but to reclaim it by force. Let’s watch how this dog fight for his own bed.

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