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Dog Food Coupons

All About Coupons for Dog Food

We get the first printable Nutro dog food coupons in 2012. This February Nutro printable coupon is valid for all varieties of Nutro dog food, Natural Choice dog food, Max dog food, and Ultra dry dog food. If you try to get nutro coupons, you can follow the instruction from How to get Nutro dog food coupons. And we will also append this February dog food coupon in the last part of the post.

As we mentioned last time, you will get the Nutro newsletters after you join the Nutro dog food rewards. Today, we can guarantee that way will work. After you become a member of that project, you will get email from Nutro. And there is link which can direct you to the coupons page and you can print out the coupons from that page.

Print Nutro Dog Food Coupons From Special Offer Page

Different other printable dog food coupons, the Nutro coupons are very hard to print. As our printing experience, it usually takes one minutes to print one coupon. But it took us five minutes and we got nothing at the first time we tried. Then we take another ten minutes to find out the solutions.

print Nutro dog food coupons

print Nutro dog food coupons

There are several reasons that can stop you printing coupons:

  • Your browser doesn’t support to print this coupons

As Nutro’s printing help page says, they are support Safari 5.0+ in Macintosh, Google Chrome 9.0/10.0, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0/9.0. But at first time, we failed to print the coupons from Google Chrome. And we get Nutro coupons printed out finally from Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0. We suggest you using IE8.0 when you try to print the coupons.

  • There is no Java installed on your computer

Java is a software from Sun. And Nutro needs this software to connect the printer and print the Nutro dog food coupons. If there is no Java on the computer, Nutro can not download the coupons from the Internet and send to your printer. If you don’t have java installed, Nutro will automatically install the Java for you. But it takes a very long time.

  • There is no printer connected to your computer

In this situation, we have no idea to help you print the Nutro coupons out. Nutro dog food coupons are printable. Without the printer, there is no way to get the printable Nutro coupons. So make sure there is a printer connected to your computer and it is set as a default pinter in your system.

How to Set Default Printer to Print Dog Food Coupons

First, you need to know what system you are using. For Windows, you need to click the “Start Menu” and select the “Printers” or “Printers and Devices”, or “Settings/Printers. Then right click the printer you want to use and select “Set as default printer”. After you finish this step, you will see a check mark on the printer’s icon. For Macintosh, you need to go to “System Preferences/Printer”, and right click on the printer and click “Set default printer”.

For dog owners who have not joined Nutro dog food rewards yet, we still advice you take five minutes to become a member. You can check How to Join Nutro dog food rewards to get coupons. And we also provide the Nutro 2012 dog food coupons printable link for you to print. As the printable coupons we got, it will expire after March 25 2012. There are one and half month for you. And you can get the printable Nutro dog food coupons now.

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