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My friend gave me as a gift several days ago. Our new family member is a very cute dog, Jacky. When I met him at the first time, he was so small and so cute. When he came to my family, he brought the happiness at the same time. My parents like him very much, and my sister gave him a name, Jacky.

I also love this small pet very much. But to be honest, I also feel a little bit upset because this is my first time to own a dog and I really don’t know how to take care him well. I ask my friend, a professional vet working in Shanghai to give me some advices. I think they are very important and worth to writing down and share with other dog lovers.

To keep your dog in a happy life, the most important key is fully understanding your dog. You need to know when he is happy and when he is sad. Just like human, if you dog feel unhappy all the time, he will have a very big risk to get sick. Dogs can also get psychology problems. So you need to keep your eyes on your dogs and sometimes you need to share time with your dog.

my dog jacky
Health food is another important keys to keep your dog having a great life. Poor daily diet can not provide enough energy for your dogs. As the old saying, what you eat is what you are. This is also for your dogs. An high quality meal will help your dog keep health and support the full nutrition what you dog needs. To feed your dog well, you need to have basic dog health food knowledge and keep in mind that dog can not eat everything, especially for small puppies. One of the high risk food, is chocolate. Everyone likes chocolates, but it is the fatal poison in the dog world. Unsuitable diet will do harm for your dogs. And it eventually cause your dog get sick. And many of dog disease are fatal. For example, feeding your dogs a certain types of raw fishes may cause Salmon poisoning disease, a potentially fatal condition in dogs.

Besides dog food knowledge, you also need to know about the symptoms about dog health problems. Usually, it is the best time to treat your dog disease when you notice the strange behaviors or symptoms of your dogs at the early stage. When you see something like abnormal eye movements, head shaking, ear scratching, it is better to take your dog to see a vet for help.

My friend also suggest me to pay attention on some dog health insurance plans. Usually this kind of health insurance for dog is affordable for common family. And it will be great helpful when your dog get some disease or get some emergent injuries. There are many dog insurance plans and it is not easy to choose the suitable one for your own dog.

I will share more information about how I take care my dog, Jacky. I think I need to take some lessons about how to feed my dogs and how to choose dog food for Jacky. I will consider the dog health insurance but I won’t get it so soon. Anyway, I am so happy to get Jacky. And thanks Tina, my friend. I love your gift. Jacky will get the best care I promise.

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