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Dog Food Coupons

All About Coupons for Dog Food

Even a couple of good Purina dog food coupons can go a long way towards keeping yourself in budget while still providing excellent dog food for man’s best friend. Purina is one of the best known of dog food brands, and has a reputation among many for being an affordable and high quality brand of dog food that many pet owners favor. The classic five red squares forming an X against a white backdrop is one of the most well recognized corporate symbols among pet owners.

This company also enjoys a reputation for offering many different Purina dog food coupons throughout the year, giving pet owners many different chances to enjoy some savings. In fact, the Purina website often displays some “semi-permanent” coupons which appear to be up all the time, often encouraging $3 or even $5 off a bag of one of their dry dog foods for new customers to try out.

Taking Advantage of Purina Dog Food Coupons


Many dog owners get excited to hear that many Purina coupons are buy one get one free, but there is a caveat there: theses coupons are almost always for canned cat food and not for dog food. This works out great for dog owners who also have a cat, but not so helpful for the canine fans who were looking for really good Purina dog food coupons. While it would be nice to find really major savings like that, there’s no question that the absolute far majority of dog food coupons from Purina are $3 off. This seems to be the general standard and anything extra would be a fairly unusual occurrence.

The other option for people who are hoping for more than a $3 off Purina dog food coupon is to scour the local sales and local stores. Just because the Purina company’s general policy is to stick with $3 coupons, that doesn’t mean that a local sale or store has to stay within those limits. A local pet store, or even a PetSmart or similar chain store might put out local coupons in your area which can add up to a lot more savings on Purina products.
Purina Dog Food

Many times coupons can be used in conjunction. A company $3 off coupon used in conjunction with a local coupon can lead to the major savings that you’re looking for. Finding a Purina dog food coupon that covers the majority of the cost might be difficult, but use a few together and you’ll find the savings you’re looking for.

$2.00 Off for Purina Dog Chow

Purina has lots of dog food products. This coupon is for Purina Dog Chow, which is rated 4.5/5 stars by reviewers. If you want your dogs to try, you’d better to take the benefit of this $2.00 coupon. Your dog will love this Light & Healthy dog food from the first mouthful. Click below to receive a $2 OFF coupon to try it!
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  1. Andrea says:

    coupons please

  2. Dog Food Coupons says:

    currently, purina only provides purina pro plan dog food coupons. If you want to get coupons for this brand, please let me know.

  3. Pam Eikleberry says:

    I would like coupons for Purina Dog Chow please. Limited income.

  4. Laura White says:

    I would like to receive coupons on Purina puppy chow purina dog chow and baneful canned dog food

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