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All About Coupons for Dog Food

We know that puppies need special food formula. Hence, they are often fed meals that are designed to meet their nutritional needs. However, a lot of pet owners are wondering if they can feed adult dog foods for large breed puppies? After all, they are almost similar when it comes to their sizes. Here are some handful tips when it comes to the nutrition of your large breed puppies.

You need to know that puppy foods are meant for all types of puppies regardless of breeds and sizes. Hence, do not worry if you are feeding your young Afghan hounds the same puppy food formula with that of a Chiwawa. The only difference is that larger puppies will obviously consume more than their smaller counterparts. However, just stay away from formulas that are designed for less active dogs. These are the modified diet foods. They won’t suffice the needs of giant canines. Just take note of the product’s ingredients by reading its label. Make sure that it has high animal protein content (preferably named), fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Once you introduce a certain dog food formula, feed the same variety for a while before introducing a new one. This will make it easier for their digestive system to adjust to the nutritional program. And if you are planning to feed a new formula, do it gradually by adding the old formula to the new one. Here are some recommended puppy foods for your large breed.

Orijen Large Breed Puppy

This is especially formulated to boost the growth of large canines making them healthy, happy and strong even in the early stage of their lives. It contains fresh grain-fed chicken, fresh whole eggs and northern white fish. And because puppies need a lot of protein in their diet, this formula is packed with 80% human grade meat.

Eagle Pack Holistic Large Breed puppy

If you are looking for a puppy food formula with named meat products then Eagle Pack Holistic Large Breed Puppy formula can be your best pick. You can read through its label and it clearly states the inclusion of lamb meal and chicken meal. This is for those pet owners who wanted to be certain that they are feeding not just the right protein quantity but also the best protein sources for their large puppies.
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Solid Gold Wolf Club

This product takes pride on its complete and balanced nutritional content. And because it is devoid of soybeans, wheat, animal fat, corn, by products, preservatives, sugar, sunflower oil and salt, then this is one of the safest puppy food formulas that you can give.
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