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Though ads of dog food formulas take pride in their products nutrition, this doesn’t mean that commercial dog food brands are always safety for your dog’s consumption. In fact, some of them went through dog food recalls early this year because of the hazards that they cause to animals and human alike. In February 5 this year alone, a number of dry dog foods were recalled to protect the public from Salmonella contamination. And Pro-Pet LLC voluntarily agreed to withdraw these contaminated products to ensure that no further contamination will happen. And you have to be alert to know what other products were recalled in the past. This way, you can avoid them when you do your shopping.

How Salmonella Affects Your Dog

Perhaps you may wonder how Salmonella will affect your dog’s health. Well, this will result to myriads of GIT symptoms such as diarrhea. In fact, some will experience bloody diarrhea. Your dog will also feel lethargic, becomes febrile, experienced abdominal pain with decreased appetite. Hence, it is best to see a veterinarian once any of these symptoms will be noted.

Symptoms of Salmonella in Human

If you handled a contaminated dog food, even the surface where it came in contact, there is a great likelihood that you have the illness as well. This can be affirmed if you have bloody diarrhea, feel nauseated, vomits, febrile and has abdominal cramping. However, serious health conditions can be caused by such infection. Among these infections are endocarditis, urinary tract infection and many others.
Now that you know that pet foods can be hazardous to your pet too, may this serve as a lesson for pet owners like you. Before introducing any food formula to your dog, make sure that it was safely prepared as well. After all, you are not only concerned with your pet’s health but you are also mindful of your safety too.

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