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All About Coupons for Dog Food

Sometimes it’s the little details in our homes that can make a big difference between a ‘mess’ and a ‘must.’ One little detail that every dog owner must confront is how they store their dog food safe and fresh. Some people repurpose cabinets to store pet food, while others simply keep dog food in the bulky bag it came in; but you don’t have to be stuck with an ugly shiny bag or a plain kitchen drawer. One of the easiest ways to make your dog food storage pleasant to look at—but still practical—is to use storage tins. If you’re stumped for what to do, just take a look at the following 5 painted dog food storage tin ideas!

Painted Old Popcorn Container Dog Food Storage Can

Have you ever gotten one of those big, unwieldy tins of popcorn for Christmas? Instead of tossing the caramel-covered popcorn tin in the trash, give it new life by turning it into a storage tin for your dog food! The transformation is actually pretty simple: all you need to do is clean the inside of the tin and paint the outside of the tin with non-toxic paint in the color of your choice. If you want to get especially creative, consider painting letters or finding large sticker letters to label your new tin.

Classic IKEA Trash Bin Dog Food Storage Container

Trash bins don’t have to be for rubbish! The classic IKEA trash bin is the perfect size for storing a sizable amount of dog food in a lidded container. And because the classic IKEA trash bin comes in a few solid colors, repainting isn’t necessary—although you can always repaint to add a touch of personal taste to the bin.

Nice Painted Dog Food Tin

These adorable painted food tins, complete with dog print label, will look cute in any home! They even come with a handy handle that makes it simple to pick up the tin for easy transport from room to room.

DIY Dog Food Tin

If you’d rather participate in a little do-it-yourself creativity, this handy DIY dog food tin is easy (and more importantly, fun) to make! All you need are a food scooper and a solid tin with metal handles. The tin should preferably come with an accompanying lid; if you can’t find a tin with a lid, you will need to make your own—lids are essential for keeping doggy food fresh!

Stylish Painted Trash Can Dog Food Storage

Who says dog food storage can’t be adorable? If you really want to add some cute style to your storage, you’ll only need the following: a small silver trash can, glass jars, some stick-on labels or washi tape in the color of your choice, and markers. Simply attach the stick-on labels or washi tape to the glass jars and silver trash can, then label… and you’re done! The larger tin should be used for regular dry dog food, and the glass jars make great spots for special treats.

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