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If you often see your dog scratching and rubbing its ear, it may be suffering from an ear infection. But don’t worry. Majority of canines go through this illness at a certain part of their life. The common indicators for this are swelling, redness and foul odor in the dog’s ears. In adult dogs, the causative organisms are yeasts and bacteria. However, in puppies, this can be caused by mites.

Treatment starts by proper cleaning. Take note that gentle cleanser has to be employed. This process can be very painful to your pet so you have to do it very gently. Ask for its vet for the best cleaning solution and never use an alcohol since this is not only irritating but also painful.

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My veterinarian suggests me to use the Zymox ear cleanser with bio-active enzymes. It is a liquid like water, which has a light, pleasant fragrance. When I use it to clean my dog’s ear, I just drop it directly, and massage her ears a little bit to work it down inside. You can also use a cotton round if your dog don’t get used to dropping water in its ears. Zymox ear cleanser works faster and easily manage. If your dogs have ear problem, you can use it every day. Once the dog ear infection is solved, you can use it once or twice a week.

When you are doing your dog ears cleaning, you can place cotton balls after you have filled the ear with a cleaning solution. Just choose the right size of cotton balls which is enough to fill the ear canal. Massaging of the ear base will also help. The cotton balls will block the solution from draining out. Hence, it will thoroughly clean the ear as the cleaning solution goes back and forth.

After finishing the cleaning, remove the cotton ball and it removes excess solution and sticks to the debris. This will give you a hint what is inside your dog’s ear. And do not use Q-Tip swabs to clean your dog’s ear since this may push the debris further.

After removing the cotton ball, let it dry for 10 minutes and treat as prescribed by its vet. Treatment can be antibiotic, anti-inflammatory or anti-yeast and can be an ointment, drops or oral medication. You need to religiously follow the dosage, frequency and length of time treatment as prescribed to ensure complete recovery.

You need to know that treating your dog’s infection is not enough. You need to take your dog to the vet for follow-up check-up and further evaluation as well.

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    Cotton-tipped sticks may be useful in cleaning the folds on your dog’s ear flap, but don’t use them in the ear canal. You might inadvertently push debris deeper into the canal and pack it at the bottom.

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