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All About Coupons for Dog Food

No matter how much you care for your dog, it can still encounter challenges on its health. If it has been diagnosed with kidney disease, your best option is to walk it through the process towards recovery. And one of the things that you have to focus on is to provide your pet a healthy diet. But remember that a healthy diet for a healthy dog can never be a healthy meal for a canine with kidney failure.

Choose the Right Diet For Your Dogs with Kidney Disease

Select a dog food that contains high quality proteins as part of its ingredients. Remember that your dog will be deprived from the normal amount of protein to lower down toxic waste on its body. So make sure that the low protein dog food is good enough to sustain its protein needs. Your dog’s food must also have a low phosphate content to reduce calcification of its body tissues. Hence, your main goal when choosing your dog’s diet is to reduce toxins in its circulation and improve its overall health. And don’t forget the most important thing is choosing foods that will satisfy your dog’s taste. Otherwise, all the nutritional value we just mentioned will be no worth if your dog does not eat its meal.

Recommended Food for Dog Kidney Disease

Your dog’s veterinarian may prescribe a dog food that’s best for your dog. Hence, it only makes sense to trust on his expert advice. However, if your dog’s vet offers a universal advise and allows you to make the decision on what specific food to feed your pet, you can consider about following 5 best diet for your dogs with kidney disease.

ROYAL CANIN Canine Renal MP14 Modified Dry (6 lb)
Royal Canin Canine Renal MP14 is a supplemental food that is not to replace but to augment your dog’s regular diet to ensure that it gets the necessary nutrients. It contains EPA, DHA and Vitamin B6 which can fortify the body’s immune system.

NF Kidney Function Canine Formula
NF Kidney Function Canine Formula comes highly recommended in providing a balanced and complete nutritional source for renal disease management. Its low sodium, low protein and low phosphorus formulation makes it a top choice for dogs with kidney problems.

Renal Essentials Canine Bite-sized Chews Dog Food
Renal Essentials Canine Chews contains astragalus root powder which is a medicianl herb to help fight infections and chronic diseases. Rehmannia glutinosa root extract inside will enhance renal function. Nettle seed extract can aids in digestion and calcium absorption.

Hill’s Prescription Diet kd Canine Dog Food
Hill’s Prescription Diet KD Canine Dog Food is formulated with high quality protein to ensure the kidneys are not overworked. It provides vitamins and minerals to fortify the body’s immune system and keep dogs strong and active.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine Non-Struvite Urinary Tract Health Dog Food
Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine can efficiently reduce the risk of bladder stones and crystals formation in dogs. It contains reduced amounts of fat, phosphorus, sodium, calcium and other nutrients that cause bladder stones and crystals.

Iams Veterinary Formula Renal Plus Dog Food Review
Lots of veterinaries recommend Iams Renal Plus dog food for dogs with renal disease. It provides moderate protein levels that helps maintain glomerular filtration rate, strengthen dogs’ immune system and ensures proper organ function.

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