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Elevated dog feeders are very popular with pet owners who have medium to large sized dogs; when compared to regular dog bowls, elevate dog feeders have several notable benefits. The primary benefit to the pet owner is that elevated feeders create less mess—and opportunity for mess—than regular bowls which sit on the floor. The primary benefit for the dog itself is that elevated feeders are less strenuous on the dog’s back, and allow them to eat food closer to their shoulder level.

There are many different types of elevated dog feeders, both in design and material. Wooden dog feeders are particularly popular because of their look and sturdiness. Some wooden elevated feeders even has storage in the bottom. The following are 5 elevated wooden dog feeders which are a great option for many homes.

12 Inch Waterproof Wooden Raised Dog Feeder with Food Storage

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This raised feeder, which is about 12 inches high, is great for medium to large breeds—although it does come in both larger and smaller sizes. It is made with mixed wooden material and is treated with a water-resistant cherry finish; this helps to prevent damage and makes it easier to clean. It includes two stainless steel bowl inserts and two brass “dog bone” accents.

Wooden Bone Cut out Elevated Dog Food Stand

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This unique yet simple dog food stand is made from pure maple wood and contains inserts for two stainless steel bowls, which are included with the stand. This 100% wooden food stand contains a cut out doggy bone for added style and charm. It contains a light varnish which will help against stains and water damage, although homeowners may want to treat the stand with an additional varnish for a different look.

10.1 Inch Solid Wood Elevated Dog Food Feeder

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This solid wooden dog feeder is simple in design, sturdy in quality, and perfect for any pet. It comes in two sizes: large and small, with the large size being about 10 inches high. The feeder is made with 100% natural pine wood which has been stained and treated with a water resistant seal, ensuring that the material won’t be warped or damaged by dog water—or slobber! The elegant dark wood design makes it a great choice for many types of décor.

Solid Wooden Cherry Raised Dog Bowl Stand

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This elevated feeder is a great option for smaller dogs, as it only reaches about 5.25 inches in height. The feeder is made from solid cherry wood with a clear finish to help with longevity and water resistance. The light color and simple design will help it blend in perfectly with just about any home interior design.

Modern Designed Water Resistant Double Raised Dog Feeder

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If you are looking for a dog feeder with a modern design, this elevated feeder from Bowser is the perfect choice. The mixed-wood material has been treated with a water resistant stain, and comes in a painted black or pink design. Rather than traditional stainless steel bowls, this double feeder comes with white ceramic bowls which give the feeder a much more contemporary look.

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