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Soon after setting up my new dog food stand, I began getting questions from friends and family about how it works—and whether it’s worth the cost (and the floor space!). I have had my wooden drawer dog food stand for a few months now and would like to share the advantages, disadvantages, as well as some helpful tips for anyone interested in purchasing one of their own.


First, the advantages! One of the best advantages about these types of wooden drawer food stands is the height. The height changes the posture of the dog as it eats—meaning my dogs aren’t hunched over their bowls anymore! Aside from the benefit to their backs, it has actually changed how quickly they eat, too; even when I’m using a regular (non ‘slow feed bowl’) bowl, they take it slower than they did when the bowls were on the floor.

Another advantage is the look of the drawer itself. It fits in nicely with my kitchen and dining room décor, so I don’t have to worry about a cheesy food place mat stuck on the ground sticking out like a sore thumb anymore! The model comes in a lot of different colors as well.

It is also handy to be able to store my dog food right by their bowls, instead of having to lug the bags from the garage every day. But there are a few issues when it comes to storage, so be sure to read on.

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While you can store the food right in the feeder drawer, it is a bit of a pain getting the food out on a daily basis—so much so that I use the drawer to store the big bags and have a smaller airtight storage container (which can hold about 2 days of food) that I use to refill the bowls. The pain comes from the fact that you need to take the bowls out every time you want to access the drawer—a bit like keeping a box on your freezer that you have to take off before lifting up the top. It’s not a huge deal but it can be an annoyance.

Another disadvantage to this style of feeder will only apply if you have dogs that slobber excessively or are messy drinkers. The bowls fit into holes on top of the drawer, so if your dog slobbers like crazy (think Mastiff level) or frequently spills water, that water or drool will be slipping through the cracks into the drawer. You can eliminate this problem by making sure the food is in an airtight bag or container.

Tips for Storage

  • Keep the food in an airtight bag or container to avoid water or drool contamination. This will also help keep the food fresh for longer.
  • Consider keeping a smaller container that you refill every few days if you don’t want to take the bowls out all the time.
  • If your dog is messy, place a waterproof mat under the drawer to absorb spills.
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