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Elevated dog feeding stations are a popular choice among pet owners for many reasons, including the fact that they help slow down the dog during dinner—and they look much more appealing in a home than two bowls sloppily placed on the floor. One of the most popular types of dog feeding stations include the elevated wooden dog feeding station, as well as the elevated wooden dog feeding station with storage, both of which are made out of natural wood. Dog feeding stations with storage are especially useful because they allow you to store your pet’s food right by their bowls, eliminating the need for dog food to take up precious space in the pantry.

Like any product related to your pet, your elevated wooden dog feeding station should always be cleaned properly. The following is a handy guide to everything you need to know about cleaning your station.

Always clean the station regularly—at least once per day

It can be tempting to leave the station alone for weeks at a time, only cleaning when there is visible dirt or other messes visible. However, bacteria can quickly grow on the station due to the presence of drool, leftover bits and crumbs of food, and anything else your dog might leave behind. That is why you should be cleaning your station regularly; the bowls should be wiped and washed clean with non-toxic soap every day, and the wooden surface should be wiped free of any crumbs, drool, and water every day as well. If your station has storage, you should clean it out every time the storage bin becomes empty.


Use pet-friendly, non-toxic cleaners

When cleaning your elevated wooden dog feedings station with storage, or without, it’s important to remember to only use pet friendly cleaners. Even though your dog is not eating off the wooden part of the station, cleaners can leave behind residue that could hurt your pet. Do not use any cleaners with phenols, isopropyl alcohol, formaldehyde, phthalates, bleach, perchloroethylene—these are just some of the most dangerous ingredients found in some regular household cleaners that are considered very dangerous for pets and should never be used to clean something they will come into contact with.

Whenever possible, look for brands who specifically create cleaners for households with dogs and other pets in them. If you’re unsure about how they might affect the wood, try them out on a small area of the station first to make sure they won’t stain the material or otherwise affect it.

Don’t forget those little nooks and crannies

It can be easy to overlook all those little nooks and crannies in your dog feeder, especially if you’re tired after a long day and don’t want to take the time to really thoroughly clean the elevated station. However, those nooks and crannies can be a breeding ground for bacteria—always make sure to clean every little spot on the feeder at the end of the day to ensure the safety and health of your pet.

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