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I have a Labrador retriever who has been with us for seven years now. Last year, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. The news came as a shock for us. But our doctor said that, somehow, it is to be expected as Labradors are prone to this condition. Hummer had to go through chemo treatment. He lost his appetite and he lost considerable weight. Our veterinarian recommended that we put him on a special diet. He also recommended that we give Hummer Aloha Medicinals K9 Immunity Soft Chews. This product is recommended for dogs over 70 lbs. who require a much needed immune system boost due to a medical condition. While this product is not a cure for cancer cases in dogs, it is a great source of nutrients that complement a dog’s dietary requirement while undergoing medical treatment. Dogs undergoing chemo therapy will need food that will nourish them back to health to combat the side effects of chemo drugs. Based on my experience, Aloha Medicinals offered great help in boosting Hummer’s immune system which has been compromised by chemo treatment. He regained his energy and had better disposition. His laboratory results showed that he was on his way to recovery.


As your dog gets older and slower you will have to pay attention to weight gain. You will notice a change in your dog’s appetite. While before, your dog may chow down his food with gusto, your dog might lose interest in its food. As dogs age, their eating habits and dietary needs change too. It would differ from dog to dog depending on their dog breed and their body weight. Large or giant breeds typically age faster than smaller dogs. Likewise, overage dogs also age faster than leaner dogs. Dogs are typically considered older when they have reached half of their life expectancy. For small dogs, this means at around ages 7 to 10 and for bigger dogs, it could be from ages 5 to 7.

Senior dogs generally need lower-calorie and higher-fiber diets to prevent obesity and improved gastrointestinal health. As your dog age, you also have to cater to its diet to keep them healthy. Older pets with specific conditions may require special veterinary diets to assist in the treatment of their medical conditions.

To keep your dog healthy, it is advised that you weigh your dog before introducing anything in its diet. Make sure that you feed your dog based on the feeding guide and recommendations of your veterinarian. You can evaluate your dog’s physical condition, how it is taking in the new addition or modification to its diet. Then, you can adjust the amount that you feed it, accordingly. In the case of Aloha Medicinals, you can introduce it to your dog gradually. You can start with 3 wafers per day or as directed by your veterinarian. If you are preparing your dog’s food you can use it as a treat to augment whatever food you are giving be it home-cooked or commercially prepared. Dogs undergoing chemo treatment are usually prescribed a high-fat, high-protein diet. In which case, a mixture of home cooked and high quality wet foods and dehydrated foods could work very well. You may also give your pet additional supplements provided that you discuss them with your vet before doing so.

Aloha Medicinals is made of 100% organic ingredients that are covered by US and International Patents. It contains immune active non-linear heteropolysacharides, beta glucans, immune-proteins and omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. Dogs need omega fatty acids as it is not capable of producing its own. Omega 3 and 6 aid in lessening the development of inflammation in the body by not activating the cell membranes. It is also essential in promoting health and maintaining homeostasis in your dog’s body. It also boosts a senior dog’s immune system and promotes healthy skin and coat. Another great component of Aloha Medicinals is beta glucan. They modulate the body’s immune system through promotion of the body’s immune response to diseases. It enhances the activities of natural killer T cells and B cells. It fortifies the body’s defense against diseases.

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