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I have great things to say about Apocaps CX Dog Apoptosis Pill. It is a popular supplement given to canine pets that have cancer. I have tried it on my German Shepherd, Stan to improve his immune response despite his battle against cancer. Stan was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. It had mast cell tumor. We had it removed through surgery successfully. Our veterinarian told us that he only had 3 to 6 months to live with the cancer already spreading to his vital organs. We tried everything including following a strict diet and giving him supplements. Then our veterinarian introduced us to Apocaps. With not much to lose given the grim prognosis, we tried it out. To our surprise, Stan’s laboratory results improved and eventually, the he was able to live beyond the 6 months grace period given by our vet. He’s been in remission. And while he is no longer as energetic as he had been during his younger days, Stan is able to live a comfortable life.

The cells in a dog’s body, much like in humans, they regenerate. Damaged cells; cells that cannot be repaired or cells that have already outlived their usefulness and are no longer needed by the body dies down. This apparent natural death of cells is necessary for new cells to grow again. Healthier cells result to a healthier body. This process of shedding old cells to give way to new ones is called apoptosis. It maintains the body’s health and development.

There are however some cases when the cells of the body do not meet its death or when apoptosis does not occur. Cells thrive in an abnormal fashion. When cells keep on living and reproducing, it consumes body resources, derails the immune system and affects body metabolism. When dogs have cancer, the genes that turn on apoptosis do not work properly. To restore this balance, the body needs to take supplements that will support the normal apoptosis levels. Fortunately, there is Apocaps CX Dog Apoptosis.


The Apocaps Pill is packed with 100% human grade ingredients. Some of which are natural ingredients coming from plants that contain bioflavonoids which support apoptosis when introduced to a living body. These compounds called apoptogens may be acquired through consumption of these plants. Most, however, are difficult to source out. Another consideration is the amount of these plants that you need to consume in order to realize its apoptosis properties. Extraction is also another issue. You need extensive knowledge and the right equipment and process to be able to extract apoptogens from plants. With Apocaps Pill, you can be assured that each capsule contains the right amount of apoptogen dose that your pet’s body can get. Since it was developed by a veterinarian specifically for his canine patients, you can be sure that your dog’s best interests are put in the forefront of the marketing and administration of this product. Each batch is manufactured and packed based on the highest quality standards in an FDA approved laboratory in the USA.

As for every medication, you need to administer the right dosage for Apocaps to be effective. First, check your dog’s weight. Small dogs, those that weigh from 5 to 10 lbs. can take 1 Apocaps capsule two times a day. For medium-sized dogs that weigh more than 10 lbs. but less than 20.1 lbs., they can take two capsules two times daily. Up to 40 lbs. dogs can take 3 capsules in the morning and 2 at night. Up to 60 lbs. dogs can take 3 capsules two times daily. And those above 60 lbs. can take 3 capsules 3 times daily. The capsule may be administered orally together with food to reduce gastrointestinal irritation.

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