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After visiting my co-worker’s house about a month ago, I noticed that she had a couple of elevated feeding stands for her two, small and mid-sized dogs. They have awesome looking which are fitting in with her kitchen and dining room decor perfectly. My colleague loves Asian flair very much, and these raised feeding stands nicely fit the style. My colleague told me that her older dog, who has arthritis, found it a lot more comfortable to eat in the elevated dog feeding stand. Therefore, I decided to buy one for my old big dog, Rick.

The raised feeding stands my friend purchased were from Bowsers Meshidai. So I just search elevated dog feeding stand with the brand name online. To be surprised, I found there were a wide variety of elevated feeding stands for both dogs and cats, in all kinds of styles and shapes, made out of an array of materials and in a variety of colors as well. Some of them come with removable bowls which make sense if you want them to be easy to clean.

The best way to find a suitable elevated dog feeding station for my old big dog, Rick, is reading a massive amount of reviews, looking at the photos. In the end, I choose one modern style elevated dog feeding stand.

Elevated Dog Feeding Stand with Single Bowls
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Dining in Style

I’m sure my furry buddy could give a darn about the refined, elegant look of his new feeding stands, but I appreciate how much better they look than the old bowls. The stands themselves are available in black and mocha designer wood veneers, with a heavy duty yet attractive, lead free, white ceramic bowl that’s also dishwasher safe. The wood veneer is water repellent and easy to clean (just a quick wipe and you’re done). All of the stands have cushioned, anti-slip feet, perfect for the dogs that get overly excited when they eat. Do you remember how many times you ended up kicking over your dog’s food and water bowls, sending everything flying? Well, that’s not going to happen with these elevated dog feeder stands.

Show Your Senior Dogs the Love

Besides helping your pooch feel more comfortable while they’re eating or drinking, just like humans, they can develop joint and muscle pain as their age. These age related issues can make doing these simple yet important tasks uncomfortable, as they bend and strain their necks and shoulders in an effort to get crouch down to floor level, just to reach their food or water bowls.

An elevated dog feeder stand can provide a lot of comfort. Despite the fact that all dogs would benefit from having an elevated feeding station, there’s no question that senior dogs, like mine, will definitely benefit from one. Based on my hours of research and actual usage, I believe this one is the best for my dog. If he could talk, he would told you the same thing.

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