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Does your dog suffer from digestive problems, such as vomiting, diarrhea, or even bloating—which can be fatal in almost all dog breeds? If so, you may need to consider replacing your regular floor dog bowls with an elevated feeding station. Let’s take a closer look at these raised feeding stations and why they truly are the best option for you—and for your dog.

What is An Elevated Dog Feeding Station?

An elevated dog feeding station is a feeding station which is raised from the ground; most feeding stations resemble small chests with two built in spots for bowls. The bowls are almost always removable and should ideally be made with stainless steel, which is easier to keep clean and bacteria-free for your dogs.

Elevated feeding stations come in many different sizes, shapes and styles. Some are designed to fit in with various types of kitchen designs, which make them not only good for the dog but pleasing to the eye as well.

Health Problems Caused by Regular Feeding Bowls

Most people do not realize that regular feeding bowls placed on the ground actually cause health problems in many dog breeds, especially medium or large sized breeds. When a dog eats or drinks from a regular feeding bowl, they must hunch over, which caused their spine to curve unnaturally. This can cause back and neck problems, especially later on in life.

Most alarmingly, dogs that eat from regular feeding bowls are more likely to eat their food too quickly. This can cause a host of problems, including upset stomach, diarrhea, and even bloating. In dogs, bloating can be fatal, which is why it’s important to do everything you can to encourage your dog to eat at a slower pace.

Why Raised Feeding Stations Work

Raised feeding stations allow for your dog to eat without bending their spine at a stressful angle. This reduces the risk of your dog developing neck and spinal problems from the repetitive stress.


And because your dog is not hovering over the bowl, they must work a little bit harder at getting their food, which slows them down and decreases the risk of bloating. (If your dog still eats too quickly even with a raised feeding station, you should consider a bowl designed to slow down fast eaters!)

Add Some Practicality: Get Feeding Stations with Storage

Dog feeding stations aren’t just beneficial for your dog: they can benefit you, too! Many feeding stations on the market today feature some kind of storage, which will let you store your pet’s food, treats, and even items like toys or other dog-related things inside an easy-to-reach compartment.


You should ideally look for a feeding station which has an airtight or waterproof storage compartment. If you do purchase one without an airtight seal, consider buying bags with airtight seals to store your food and treats in; this will reduce the risk of any water from your dog’s bowl contaminating the food stored in the feeding station itself.

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