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If you have a large dog and haven’t already invested in a raised dog feeding station, it’s time to do so! Dog feeding stations are essentially built-in feeders for your dogs; they come in an array of different styles, materials and functions. Most feeding stations are raised in some capacity, and the most practical feeding stations also feature at least some type of storage. If you haven’t yet considered buying a raised feeding station for your large pooch, consider the following benefits.

Raised Dog Feeding Stations Benefits for Large Dogs

Raised feeding stations aren’t just good for keeping dog kibble off the floor—they’re actually beneficial for your dog! Large breeds can be especially prone to back, neck and digestive problems which are only aggravated by the typical floor bowls that many owners purchase for their dogs. Unfortunately, the position that your large dog must put themselves in when they eat from a bowl on the floor can cause some short-term and long-term problems, including back and neck pain as well as problems digesting food or even keeping it down.

Raised feeding stations correct these problems, by allowing your dog to feed from a bowl that is more on level with their own head and neck, they won’t have to stoop and curve their spine in order to eat. Eating from a raised platform also encourages slower eating, which helps with many digestive problems.

Benefits of Dog Feeding Station with Storage

You might be wondering why your dog’s feeding station even needs storage. The answer? Convenience to you! Imagine being able to free up space in your own kitchen, pantry or other storage area by storing your dog’s food, treats and even other items right in their feeding station.

Wooden Elevated Feeding Station vs Plastic Elevated Feeding Station

One of the most common differences between dog feeding stations is material that the feeding stations are made from; two of the most typical materials are plastic and wood. How do they compare? Let’s take a closer look at two feeding stations to see how they measure up!

Plastic Elevated Dog Food Station with Airtight Food Storage

Best Plastic Elevated Dog Feeding Station with Storage for Large Dogs

This plastic feeding station measures 14.3 inches in height, 21.5 inches in width, and 15 inches in length. It also features two removable stainless steel bowls and a large storage compartment inside of the station, which can be accessed by lifting the top of the unit. Unlike the wooden feeder, the plastic feeding station features an airtight storage compartment—so you won’t have to worry about water getting into your food, treats or other items.

Wooden Elevated Dog Food Station with Storage Box

Best Wooden Elevated Dog Food Station with Storage for Large Dogs

This MDF pet feeding station measures 15 inches in height, 20 inches in width and 11 inches in diameter, making it perfect for medium to large sized dog breeds. It features two stainless steel bowls which are removable; it also features a large storage compartment inside of the station, which is accessed by lifting the top. The compartment is not airtight.

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