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Oster has always been a mainstay for reliable and powerful animal clippers, and the A5 Turbo
2 Speed Professional Animal Clippers are no exception. I’ve used many different brands in the past over the course of my career grooming dogs, and Oster clippers have always been the ones I have chosen to use both on my own pets as well as my clients pets.

The Oster A5 Turbo 2 Speed clippers are fast and easy to use. This model is built to be hearty and long lasting. This clipper makes grooming more efficient and even more comfortable than ever. From the most dense and coarse hair to softer finer hair, the clipper works smoothly and easily. Even for a novice groomer, these clippers help to achieve a clean, attractive result.

Feature Overview

Super 2-Speed Motor
With the 2-speed motor, Oster A5 is able to glide through any hair type—even thick, unmanageable undercoats—smoothly. Depending on the coat you might be working with, the low and high speeds will serve all needs. The powerful rotary motor starts at 3000 strokes per minute on low, and 4000 strokes per minute on high.


Quiet Operation
With fast blade speeds, great airflow, and quieter operation, grooming even impatient animals is faster and less anxiety producing. For dogs that become fearful during grooming, this is a great feature. Created with your pets or clients in mind, you won’t need to take breaks to cool your clipper off as quickly as with other clippers, and it remains both comfortable to the touch as well as for the animal being groomed.

Both comfortable and ergonomically designed, the A5 is easy to hold with a secure grip. The detachable blade system allows you to switch blades easily for different areas.


High Quality
For many, durability is one of the most important markers of a good grooming product. With many clippers on the market that lack in longevity, The Oster A5 offers the reliability that every groomer needs. Oster does have a great reputation for appliances that last and perform well through their lifetime, and that has proven to be the case for me with the A5. With that in mind, all of the components seem to be well thought out—from inside out.

The body of the clipper is sturdy and all moving parts are of good quality. Through switching blades constantly, I see no change in the security of the parts that lock the blade in place. The motor is of the strongest and best quality on this corded clipper.


As an added bonus, Oster A5 includes a CryogenX blade—a special #10 blade with an antimicrobial coating to promote safe and sanitary use. This is crucial for professional groomers!

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The Oster A5 is a great model for professional and home groomers alike. The fact that Oster still manufactures their clippers in the USA demonstrates their continued commitment to quality. While it looks relatively pedestrian clipper, the A5 is a distinctive model. It offers efficiency and durability with heavy duty construction. Its powerful motor allows its blades to glide easily through all types of hair, making it ideal for any grooming situation. I’ll never have to switch between clippers during a groom again.

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