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All About Coupons for Dog Food

As a dog owner, you no doubt understand the importance of making sure that your dog has the very best of everything it needs to live a long, healthy and happy life. The food we give our dogs is incredibly important in maintaining their health—the wrong foods, or unhealthy foods, can lead to health problems while choosing the right foods can reduce the risk of various diseases and ensure the dog is getting the right amount of nutrition and energy for good health.

How to Choose The Best Food For Your Pitbull

Dog breeds differ in many ways—and this includes their nutritional needs! For example, a Chihuahua will have vastly different nutritional needs than a Pitbull. If you have a pitbull, you need to first understand your dog’s nutritional needs before you can explore the best options when deciding on what food to feed them.

It is best to think of your pet pitbull as an athlete: although they might not necessarily be excessively large, they are designed to have an athletic build with a good muscular structure, and they are a high-energy breed which requires a certain type of nutrition.

As a general rule of thumb, the average adult pitbull should be getting about 1100 calories per day; if your dog is very active or is a working dog, they should be getting about 1700 calories per day. If your dog is elderly, they may require fewer calories, usually in the 850-900 range. However, these values can vary depending on the size of your dog or the particular needs of your pitbull.

In terms of nutrition, pit bulls need a lot of protein to maintain their muscle mass and to help prevent certain types of health problems that are common in the breed. The food you choose should be about 40% protein for most adult pit bulls; the food should also be lower in carbohydrates and low (or completely void of) grains since pit bulls are prone to obesity.

Top 10 Dog Food Best for Your Pitbulls

#1. Orijen Freeze-Dried Regional Red Dog Food


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Orijen Freeze-Dried Regional Red Dog Food is designed to offer your pitbull the benefit of a raw diet in freeze-dried form, making it much easier and longer-lasting for pet owners. This particular brand contains various proteins–such as wild boar, lamb, pork, bison and more–which are sourced from local ranches and freeze-dried to preserve them.

#2. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula
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This is a grain-free formula made with real meat such as buffalo and chicken, and supplemented with various vegetables and fruits, including sweet potatoes and peats; this particular brand is at least 32% protein, making it closer to the ideal protein recommended for pitbulls than other dog food brands.

#3. Acana Wild Prairie

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Acana Wild Prairie is a grain-free, low carbohydrate formula which contains cage-free chicken, whole eggs, regional fruits and vegetables, and wild caught fish for a balanced, healthy diet that contains everything from essential protein to an ideal amount of healthy fats for dogs. It contains a minimum of 31% protein, making it an excellent source of protein for pitbulls in particular.

#4. Wellness Core Grain Free Original Turkey and Chicken

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Wellness Core Grain Free Original Turkey and Chicken is a protein-rich formula with a minimum 31% crude protein, made primarily with deboned turkey, deboned chicken, chicken meal and other fruit and vegetable mixtures. It contains a high amount of protein and is subsequently recommended for pitbull breeds.

#5. Merrick Backcountry Real Beef


Merrick Backcountry Real Beef is a natural, grain-free dog food made primarily with deboned beef, beef broth, beef liver and dried egg product; it contains at least 10% crude protein. It is an excellent choice as a supplemental food for pitbulls, but due to the lower protein content is not recommended as your pitbull’s primary food. Get discount with Merrick Dog Food Coupons.

#6. Organix Grain Free Range With Raw Bites


Organix Grain Free Range With Raw Bites is a grain-free natural dog food with a unique twist: in addition to the healthy supplemental vegetables and fruits, the formula contains 70% raw proteins in every bite. This particular formula comes in a variety of styles, including air-dried, wet, and dry formulas; it is recommended for pitbulls due to the higher protein content. Enjoy the discount with Organix dog food coupons.

#7. Natural Ultramix Grain Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato


This chicken and sweet potato formula from Natural Ultramix features natural chicken along with real sweet potatoes; other ingredients include turkey meal, salmon meal, dried peas and other fruits and vegetables to help supplement your pet’s diet. The formula is protein rich and contains a minimum of 38% protein, making it a nearly perfect choice for pitbulls. You can get Natural Ultramix dog food coupons here.

#8. Instinct Raw Beef Formula

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Instinct Raw Beef Formula is a grain-free, gluten-free formula that is primarily made from animal ingredients, including the meat, organs and bones. It contains a minimum of 15% protein and includes beef, beef kidney, ground beef bone, carrots, apples and other fruits and vegetables. It is a good choice if you want an animal-rich formula that doesn’t require prep work like a home-made raw diet.

#9. Blue Wilderness Chicken Recipe

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Blue Wilderness Chicken Recipe is directly inspired by the natural diet of wolves and is meant to mimic their protein-heavy, grain-free diets. This formula contains a minimum of 34% protein and has ingredients such as deboned chicken, turkey meal, peas, potatoes and other fruits and vegetables. This is an ideal choice for pitbulls due to the high protein and grain-free ingredients.

#10. Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Chicken Dry Dog Formula

Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Chicken Dry Dog Formula is a high protein formula designed to mimic a natural diet that wolves, the ancestor of the modern dog, eat in the wild. This is a grain-free formula which includes high quality animal meats and by-products, including chicken, turkey meal, chicken meal, quail, as well as an assortment of quality fruits and vegetables such as zucchini, apples and more. It contains a minimum of 35% crude protein, and is an ideal choice for pitbulls due to the higher protein content.

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