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I never gave too much thought to where I put my dog’s food and water bowls until I noticed that my dogs was developing digestive problems—I took him to the vet and the vet recommended purchased an elevated feeding station, which would help my dog eat slower and change his posture while eating, both of which reduces the likelihood of many digestive issues. Here are the top 10 elevated dog bowl stands for large dogs. Some of them come with extra storage.

I looked around online after my vet’s suggestion and was met with hundreds of options. Based on other reviews, I decided to choose this classic wooden 3-bowl elevated dog feeding station. Thankfully, I wasn’t just surprised with the quality: I was impressed!

The feeding station is medium-sized and contains 3 stainless bowls. I personally use two bowls for water and one for food–although if you have multiple animals, the three bowls will come in handy for feeding more than one pet at the same time. The bowls are removable, and you can even replace the standard bowls that come with the station with bowls of your own choosing.


The station itself is sturdy and pretty high quality; it’s made from a solid ash wood and you can actually choose what kind of water-based stain you’d like on the wood, which is great if you’re worried about the wood not matching the rest of your decor. My dog isn’t exactly a muscular breed, but I’ve never had any problems with the feeding station moving around, even when a kitchen guest accidentally bumped into it. If you have stronger dogs, the station seems sturdy enough that you won’t have to worry about it getting knocked over.

The manufacturer noted on their sale page that standing water may eventually stain the wood, so you do have to be diligent about cleaning up any water spots. So far, I haven’t had any staining but I always keep an eye on the station when I’m in the kitchen so I can quickly swipe up anything that’s been left over. I would also recommend putting something underneath to catch any water that doesn’t make it into your dog’s mouth! I do wish the station had some sort of pre-built basin underneath, but putting a cheap plastic tote underneath is a cheap and easy solution.

And if you’re worried about assembly: don’t be! The feeding station comes completely assembled, so you won’t have to get out your tools or fumble with confusing instructions.

All in one, I would highly recommend this particular 3-bowls elevate dog feeding station for any dog owner. It is sturdy, high quality, comes with dishwasher-safe bowls, and is a great way to help your dog eat slower and reduce the risk of health problems that can occur when a dog eats too quickly or has to eat slouched over a bowl that is set on the floor.

The medium-sized version of this feeding station retails for about $70, but considering the quality and how long it will last, it’s very much worth the price I paid for it.

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