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All About Coupons for Dog Food

How do you store your dog’s food? Many pet owners make the mistake of simply keeping their dog’s food in the original bag, or throwing it into any old container to be scooped out when their dog is ready for dinner. These two methods usually result in the food going stale and are often prone to being messy. However, there are actually much better ways to store your pet’s food which will ensure that the food lasts longer, tastes better for your dog, and doesn’t get all over the floor every time you bring out the scoop.

When storing dog food, you should ideally look for airtight containers. The most readily available airtight containers are made of plastic, but you can also find airtight compartments in certain dog food storage units or feeding stations with a storage compartment. Most airtight containers are very affordable.

Store Dog Food Safely in Airtight Dog Food Storage

Airtight storage containers are necessary for keeping your dog’s food fresh—and free from pests, such as bugs or even rodents. Airtight containers also help your dog’s food last longer and prevent the dog food from becoming stale or losing its proper taste, which makes it taste better for your pet.

Best Plastic Airtight Dog Food Storage with Feeder Station

There are many different dog food airtight storage containers on the market today. Some, like the IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container, are made from plastic and contain wheels for easy transport from room to room or simply sliding them out of pantries when it’s time to fill your dog’s bowl. The IRIS Airtight Pet Food container also comes with an additional 10-pound airtight container for additional storage; this container fits neatly on top of the primary container and is great for those days when you don’t want to bend down too far.

Keep Dog Food in Elevated Dog Feeding Station with Storage

Not all pet food storage containers are made from plastic. You can find sturdy, long-lasting pet food containers in many elevated dog feeding stations as well. Elevated dog feeding stations are especially designed for your dog’s health—they help reduce strain on your dog’s back by ensuring they’re eating wit the proper posture; they help reduce stomach cramps, bloating and even gas; and they help your dog eat slowly, which can help curb overeating in many dogs.

No.1 Elevated Dog Feeding Station with Storage

Many elevated dog feeding stations come with special storage compartments for storing dog food, which makes it easier to refill your dog’s food bowl when it is time to feed them. For the most part, these compartments are not especially large, but they can usually hold enough food for a few days which will cut down on the trips you need to take to the pantry or garage for more dog food. Some elevated feeding stations contain airtight compartments, but you should always check before putting your dog food inside. If they aren’t airtight, you may want to consider placing the dog food inside a plastic airtight container and then putting it inside your elevated dog feeding station.

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