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Maltese dogs are popular toy breeds for both companion and show dogs, but grooming them can be a challenge if you don’t take the time to learn the proper techniques for grooming your Maltese. Grooming a Maltese, like grooming any dog that requires more regular maintenance, involves learning two key things: one, what tools you’ll need to give your dog a proper grooming; and two, how to actually groom the Maltese the right way. Let’s take a closer look at the tools you’ll need on hand to prepare for grooming before discussing the guide to Maltese grooming.

Tools You Need to Prepare

The right tools will make grooming your Maltese safer and easier—and produce better results. Here are some common tools you need to prepare before you start to groom your dogs.

Andis AGC Professional Dog Clipper Kit

Andis AGC Professional Dog Clipper Kit
Top Andis Professional Dog Clippers

This clipper kit comes with everything you need to use a clipper. It is lightweight, high quality, and quiet—the three things you really need in a dog grooming clipper. The easy handling is best for smaller breeds like the Maltese due to the intricacy of the grooming you’ll need to do.

Andis 4FC 9.5mm Blade

Andis 4FC 9.5mm Blade

The reason you’ll need this blade is intended to clip hair to about3/8”, which is ideal for many areas on the typical Maltese coat. You should also purchase “FC” blades when possible, since these blades are going to give you a much smoother, professional appearance than non-finished cut.

Wide Tooth Comb

Wide Tooth Comb

Wide tooth combs are essential for picking out mats before you do any grooming, as well as coming out the hair as you groom.

Grooming Thinning Shears

Grooming Thinning Shears

Never use regular scissors when grooming your Maltese! Always choose thinning shears, which are designed to efficiently and safely cut dog hair.

Maltese Grooming Guide

After bathing and drying your Maltese, you can begin grooming them. First, you should spritz your dog’s coat with a dog-safe detangling spray before brushing. You don’t want to brush their coat while completely dry, as this makes it harder to thoroughly find problem areas such as tangles, knots and mats. Using a wide toothed comb and a plastic bristle brush (never use natural bristles on Maltese, as their skin is too sensitive for them) you should thoroughly brush the coat, taking care to get rid of mats and other problems.

You should start grooming with the clippers at the top of the body and work your way down gradually. The upper half of their body is where you will be using the clippers the most. Most Maltese owners decide to leave the coat on the bottom half of their body longer, as it’s usually referred to as the Maltese “skirt,” so they do not clip them. If you do decide to leave it longer, don’t neglect to trim it to keep it looking neat and tidy. You can trim the bottom portion of their body, included their legs, with the sheers as needed.

For the finishing touches, use your sheers to trim the tail, chin and belly as needed.

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