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Did you know that the way you store your dog’s food can affect its longevity and taste? And that’s not including how different types of dog storage can impact your home’s look and overall cleanliness. Let’s take a closer look at the two most popular types of dog food storage—plastic storage and wooden feeding stations with built-in storage—to see how they compare.

Plastic Dog Food Storage Pros and Cons

Plastic dog food storage is popular due to the price, the general neutral look of plastic containers, and the ability for plastic to achieve a very tight airlock when compared to most other materials. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of plastic dog food storage in order to get a better idea of whether plastic storage is right for you and your pet.

Top 3 Plastic Elevated Dog Food Feeder with Storage


  • Plastic can achieve an airtight lock with ease, and as long as you make sure to secure the container properly you won’t have to worry about the food becoming stale.
  • Plastic has a generally neutral look, so it won’t necessarily clash with the style of your kitchen or home.
  • Plastic is easy to clean with normal dish soap, water and a rag.


  • Plastic may not clash with the style of your home, but it won’t enhance it or blend in like other materials (such as wood) do.
  • Plastic needs to be thoroughly washed and completely dried on a routine basis or you risk building up moisture and bacteria inside the sealed container.
  • Some plastic may leave a scent on the food, which some dogs may not like.

Wooden Feeding Stations with Storage Pros and Cons

Wooden feeding stations are popular due to their stylish appearance which fits in with many interior home design styles, their overall sturdiness, and their long-lasting nature. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of wooden feeding stations with storage in order to get a better idea of whether wooden feeding stations with storage is right for you and your pet.

Top 3 Wooden Elevated Dog Food Station with Storage


  • Wooden feeding stations look great in most homes, and their style makes them blend in with the aesthetic of the room rather than stick out as a “dog bowl” like plastic storage units or stations made from other materials can do.
  • Wooden feeding stations are very sturdy and are unlikely to be knocked down by rowdy dogs or rowdy kitchen guests.
  • Wood is more durable than other materials, and a wooden dog feeding station will last longer than many other dog feeding stations made with other materials, such as plastic.


  • Wooden feeding stations are more expensive due to the higher cost for materials and design.
  • You will need to use wood-appropriate cleaning supplies to ensure your wooden feeding station doesn’t become damaged or worn down.
  • You must dry off your wooden station every time your dog uses it to get rid of water and moisture, or the wood can become warped.
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