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In order to properly groom your dog, there are certain essential tools you must have in your kit. One of the most essential tools is dog clipper. However, not all clippers are alike—some may not be suited for your dog depending on its breed and how you prefer to groom your dog’s hair. The most common way people differentiate dog clippers are their cords—whether they have a cord (called ‘cord dog clippers’) or whether they don’t (called ‘cordless dog clippers’). Many professional groomers use both types, but for regular pet owners it’s usually fine to stick to one type of clipper. Let’s take a closer look at cord dog clippers versus cordless dog clippers and see how they compare.

Cord Dog Clipper Pros and Cons

Cord dog clippers are clippers which have a cord that must be plugged into an electrical outlet. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of cord dog clippers to determine whether they are right for you and your dog.

Wahl U-Clip Pro Home Dog Grooming Clipper Reviews


  • Cord dog clippers always run on full strength and you will never have to worry about a declining performance based on the battery life.
  • The blades for cord dog clippers can be completely customized, so they are ideal when you want or need a range of blade choices when grooming your dog.
  • They don’t need to be charged up and can be used right away.


  • You are “stuck” to the cord and electrical outlet, which can be difficult if the cord is not long enough or if you need to maneuver into tight areas when the cord is in the way.
  • They can be heavy, which can be cumbersome if it takes a long time to groom your dog.
  • They aren’t ideal for grooming ‘tight’ spots such as the face or paws.

Cordless Dog Clipper Pros and Cons

Cordless dog clippers are clippers which run on a battery rather than through a cord attached to an electrical outlet. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of cordless dog clippers to determine whether they are right for you and your dog.


Wahl ARCO SE Professional Cordless Dog Clipper Reviews


  • Cordless dog clippers offer complete freedom of movement which isn’t hampered by a cord or being plugged into an outlet, so you won’t suddenly find yourself yanking a cord out when you move too far away.
  • They are perfect for maneuvering into tight or unusual spots for meticulous grooming, and you won’t have to worry about the cord being in the way.
  • Cordless dog clippers are lighter than cord dog clippers.


  • Depending on the brand, cordless dog clippers need to be charged up fully before use; or you will have to periodically replace the batteries in the clipper.
  • Clipper performance can decline when the battery begins to wear down; and the more your battery wears down, the slower and more sluggish cordless dog clippers perform.
  • Blades cannot be customized, and you must choose between a pre-determined, pre-made style and length of blade.
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