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If you’re still feeding your large dog with a simple bowl on the floor, it’s time to reconsider. Let’s take a closer look at the best way to feed large dogs, and why its beneficial for your pet.

Dog Dish Stands and Large Dogs

Elevated Dog dish stands are stands with built in holes which hold at least two dog bowls, typically with one bowl allocated to water and one bowl allocated to food. Dog dish stands come in many different forms, ranging from very low stands to much higher stands appropriate for bigger breeds; they also come in many materials, though wood and plastic are the most popular.
Dish Stands and Large Dog Health Problems

Dish Stands and Large Dog Health Problems

Large dogs are best fed using elevated dog dish stands for multiple reasons, with the most significant reasons being related to your dog’s health.

Best Way to Feed Large Dogs

When dogs eat from bowls that are sitting right on the floor, they have to hunch their backs over in an unnatural position that is not just uncomfortable, but which can lead to health problems over time. This position can cause back strain, which over the years can lead to problems such as arthritis. In addition, when large dogs have to lean over the floor to eat, they typically eat much faster than they should; eating food too quickly can lead to gas build-up in dogs, which can cause serious medical complications.

A raised dog food stand will help your large dog maintain a healthy and comfortable posture while eating, since the food will be more on level with their shoulders. This position will also encourage your dog to eat more slowly, reducing the risk of gas and other negative side effects.

Additional Benefits of Dog Food Stand

In addition to health benefits, there are other reasons to choose a dog dish stand when feeding your large dog. Let’s take a look at the three most important additional benefits.

Dog Food storage

Many raised dog dish stands come with built-in storage for your dog’s food. This allows you easy and quick access to your dog’s food when they need a refill, and cuts down on the space you need to use in other parts of the home for storing your dog’s food.


Best Raised Dog Food Stand with Storage

Easy to Clean

Contrary to popular belief, dog dish stands are easy to clean. If you clean them properly by giving them a quick wipe and dry down every day, you won’t need to do any major cleaning more than every once in a while. If you do buy a raised dog dish stand made with real wood, be sure to only use products that are safe for wood.

They Look Great

Ordinary dog dish bowls stand out, and not in a good way, in any area of the home. Dog dish stands, however, can be purchased in many styles that actually fit right in with the design of your home and can even look aesthetically pleasing. If you want to feed your dog without making your kitchen look disjointed, a dog stand is the way to go.

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